Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Family Eye Candy & Twitter

I'm still trying to figure out Twitter - I figured out today how to upload photos - I uploaded this beauty of Jackie and titled it "waiting for fun to happen" or something like that. It's through a utility called "Twitpic" and you can also upload photos through your phone which is dead easy - which is how I think I'll mostly do it which will be pretty neat - because I have hardly used the camera on my phone at all until now. Today I started following CNN and Deepak Chopra and magically I got like 15 new followers on my Twitterer - so that was weird - this movement works in ways that still confuses me, why would they want to follow a dog owner in Eastern Canada?
The following photos are some nice shots I got of the dogs tonight. Buttercup is feeling pretty needy because of all the non dog-including stuff I've been going to lately. I am suffering because of it too, but I won't tell her that.
I had a full on anxiety attack last night thinking about going away for 4 days next week when I go to Washington. I am having visions of coming back from there and coming out of the exit at the airport and seeing my Dad's face and his eyes big as saucers and the first thing out of my mouth - "what's happened to Buttercup?" - and something's happened and she's died while I've been gone.
I come by my family name "Catastrophe Sinden" quite honestly.
These are nice photos though, we had a good time tonight.
Buttercup wants to go to bed now though, so I better heed her call.


  1. Awesome photos!

    I have crazy anxiety about my pets all the time, especially when I go away. I was in Boston for work for 2 weeks and my cat had kidney failure and died while I was gone. I couldn't even say goodbye, pretty much killed me for months.

    I even get anxiety about it day to day when I am at work. I think things like, what if the house catches on fire? My babies would be trapped inside! I need a job where I work from home. lol. Or maybe a sprinkler system in my house.

  2. Janet Chernin11:00 AM

    Joan - don't worry Buttercup will know that you are coming back ...
    YOU have a GREAT time stalking Nathan! winka - sure wish I was going.

  3. ohhh- i hear you--that is exactly what happened to me with Guinness, and i passed out when i got home to the news. but that will not happen Joan...

    oh yeah--i love all the pics, and i really love Jackie, and i love the handsome Charlie and the beautiful Daisy, they are all loves, and i don't mean to disclude them. but those piccies of buttercup...she just never disappoints... ...