Thursday, April 23, 2009

I think probably Deepak Chopra maybe likes dogs

So I went to see Deepak Chopra last night. There were just a ton of people there - 100's of people. And with tickets ranging from $39 to $150 - I think they made a good amount of money. So that's good too - they even sold out of books. Too bad they weren't selling t-shirts, because I would've bought a t-shirt. At the end they only had books left that he's recently written about Jesus Christ being enlightened - and that doesn't really appeal to me - because I don't really care about Jesus Christ at this point in my life - so I didn't buy one of those books, and I've read all his earlier stuff - so I wish I could've bought a t-shirt instead. For all you literal thinkers out there with no sense of humour (and I seem to have a lot of readers out there who have that identity, please note the irony).
His talk though was very good - I am like a lot of people and have heard him speak on tv - on pbs and in interviews - but it was neat to see him live. He said that if we can get in touch with our soul we can solve all the problems in the world - literally. That is quite a concept.

I hope that no one there last night was going in blind - never having heard of him or any of his philosophies before because if they did - it would have been like going to fellini movie and not knowing anything about his genre of movies. So you've got to "get" him to like him - his whole thing about us not existing except at the neuro molecular level and the universe would only exist as a vibration if we weren't here to experience it.

He's got some really good hooks though once you get beyond that - and he gave a quote from when he was at a conference with the Dalai Lama which was awesome. He said the Dalai Lama said that -

"The difference between dogs and humans is that if you kick a dog and you kick a human - when you see the dog in 10 years - the dog will bite you - but he won't have spent the last 10 years planning out how he was going to do it."

That is so true! haha! Deepak Chopra also said that freedom comes from choiceless awareness - just being. And that is also very true.

I should add that there were two local instructors there who are certified to teach what Deepak Chopra teaches and I just went and googled them to see if I could find out any information or contact information for them, and I did.

The first one is "Stephen Joyce" - and he owns the "Amana Institute" - his website is at

The second person Mr. Chopra had stand up was a woman named Karen Whynott - and her information is on the Chopra website at


  1. hmm. never heard. love your Jesus comments though--HAHAHAHA!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:47 PM

    The dog won't bite you, it will forgive you! Even if you kick it a million times the average dog won't bite you.
    He's got it totally wrong.
    Loving kindness and forgiveness is the real difference between people and dogs. Dogs forgive for the sake of love. People who hurt dogs and forget to love them shouldn't be forgiven!