Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have fallen in love with this dog's face

Today me, Charlie, and Daisy got to go for a walk with Davie, Will and Silvia Jay - we had an awesome time.

My dogs have walked with Silvia before - but we've never gotten to walk with her dogs - and I have totally fallen in love with her dog Davie - look at this face!
Silvia says that Davie loves to have her picture taken - and I think I have to agree - she just smiled and looked at the camera while I clicked and clicked - I'm not the type of photo taker generally who holds the camera to my face - I hold the camera down at the dogs level and take a serendipidous approach to the photo - and almost every photo today seemed to work out with Davie.
This is Silvia's other dog Will - on whom the book "Dump Dog" is based - so we were walking with famous dogs today too!

Silvia talks about the book on her website - here - if you want to check it out.
I've talked about Silvia in tons of spots on this blog before, I think she's the best dog trainer in Nova Scotia - you can read the articles on her website at know for sure that Daisy and Charlie love her, and Jack is benefitting from her amazing ways.
I also struck gold today with some buoy booty too - a beautiful new buoy to add to my collection! And Daisy came down to inspect the buoy to check it out and make sure it was up to snuff - which it was! Yea!
One last shot of Davie for good measure!


  1. What a cute dog!!

    haha I love the buoy! Chloe found one the other weekend when we went to the shore and she LOVES it. I've never seen her so excited over anything like this buoy!!

  2. Gorgous dogs. I am glad you got to spend some time together.

  3. Thank you, Joan, for the awesome pics and wonderful comments. We all had a great time and Charlie and Daisy were perfect hosts sharing "their beach" with my two.
    We have to do that again.