Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great walk in the mud this week

With all the lovely snow melting - for like the 20th time in the last month - the woods we walk in are a big mud puddle - and there's one special spot that's one big BLACK sticky thick gooey mud hole.
The first time Jack came upon it - as is per usual for him - he started running back in the opposite direction - so our walk was quite a bit longer that day! And one time, carrying either Jack or Buttercup - I can't remember now - I actually fell down in the middle of it. That day was not a good walk.
And it never seems to quite dry up either - so we're always guaranteed some goopy feet at one point in the walk. I wanted to mention in this photos of Daisy - she looks beautiful - but notice the shiny stuff on her neck? She's looking very happy because she's gotten to roll in something stinky on this walk - oh yeah! Stinky rottweiller!
Daisy loves to roll in stinky stuff.
And Charlie loves to run in all these rocks - it's a former quarry that we walk in every day, so there's lots of these rock thingees - and lots of cats in these holes, so he's pretty much in heaven.
This is Buttercup and Jack trying to reconoitter the mud hole.And Jackie's back legs have gotten so strong I think he could almost walk on his back legs now - from begging for treats. He's gotten pretty good.

This is a photo from back in Buttercup's hey-day of her muddy legs - she's not this strong anymore to walk long enough to get this diry - maybe someday she'll be this strong again.


  1. Wow! LOTS of mud!!!

    My yard is all sand .. so even just going out to pee they come in covered with wet sand.

  2. WOw! Jack is looking particularly dapper in those pictures. i'd say just as cute as.... no i can't say it.