Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some money shots of canine perfection

I have had a bad string of headaches in the last week, so I've been spending an extra amount of time in bed.
The dogs have been very obliging as usual and spent their time in bed with me - Buttercup especially likes to spend her days in bed if she can get away with it.
Today I got some fantastic shots of her being herself on the bed.
There really is no other dog like her in the world I think - but I'm sure there's probably about a million other dog owners who think the same thing about their own dogs.
She seemed to be especially on fire today - maybe it's because a headache hasn't developed so far today - so she's free to play and jump around and be a nut.
It's only when I'm actually in agony that she's nice and quiet and licks my face and is a very good nurse.

Jackie on the other hand has his own agenda - he wants up on the bed, he wants down, he wants to go for a pee, he wants a piece of cheese, he wants to go down on his bed - it doesn't matter what's going on - he's got his daily schedule that's got to be followed. He's a very punctual old man. This shot is of him telling me - "I want to get down - it's time for my late mid morning snack, please!"

These photos are of my other piece of perfection - Daisy - she's a great bed mate - a super spooner - she would be happy if I actually laid on top of her. I've done that before - laid right on top of her, and she takes a deep breath and just relaxes. Some dogs who've had hard lives are odd about full body contact.
There's nothing like the love of a good dog, and all dogs are good.


  1. Gorgeous shots, Joan! Luv them all!

    PS-Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Cute pictures!!

    Buttercup is such a princess hehe I love the pictures with her and Piglet!!

  3. i love all you pups ok--but can i just talk about Buttercup right now? those are the SWEETEST pics EVAH!!!! next time a cuteness overload warning PLEASE!!! she doesn't even look real. Buttercup, you work it girl. Man, here i thought i had the worlds cutest dog...

  4. ok--so i had to go back and check them out again. Pics 7, 8 and 9 folks. c'mon.

  5. Riley's Mom6:59 PM

    omgoodness....look at all those smoochable snouts! Makes me crazy with wanting puppy snuggles.

  6. Anonymous9:51 PM

    OMG!! LOL!! Really great shots! Buttercup is a real star!!

  7. these are great shots of the dogs, i love the one with piglet on buttercups head. so cute!