Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some stuff to do and junk

This Saturday, the Halifax Typographical Union is holding a protest at 2pm at the Halifax Grand Parade (which is directly outside City Hall) because the Chronicle Herald is laying off 25% of their unionized staff - which is going to mean much less access to local news for us here in Halifax. It's not just a concern for staff at the Chronicle Herald - it should be a concern for anyone who's interested in getting unbiased local news.

We've seen what happened to a newspaper when the Daily News shut down last year and became the "Metro Newspaper" - do we want that to happen to the Chronicle Herald? I hope not. And the event is also dog friendly - so if this concerns you - you should go and show your solidarity with the members of this union. There's a poster with information about the rally at

On another subject - I had a thought a couple days ago about the case last week of Susan Keizer who drowned the 2 day old kittens up in Windsor Nova Scotia - some people have laid out the question - "what happened to the mother cat?"

I also have the question - what happened to the mother cat - and where is she now, is she still on Ms. Keizer's property, and what if she becomes pregnant again? Is Ms. Keizer going to kill these kittens too? With only a $5 fine as her punishment - it's not much deterrence for her feeling like she can go ahead and just do that again - it's certainly a lot cheaper than doing anything else. So where is that stray mother cat now? DID some agency finally come and pick it up? Or is there still stray cats on this lady's property? If there is - I'd say they are in pretty dire danger - and if they have kittens - consider them dead.

The NS SPCA has got some GREAT stuff going on - and I'm going to make a separate blog post about it, but I wanted to get something in now, so that people would go to their website to check it out.

They are currently calling for applications for Board positions for their provincial board because their AGM is coming up at the end of April - so if you are thinking about becoming involved in the politics of animals in Nova Scotia - THIS is the time to step up. Go to the main page of their site to click on the appropriate link.

They also have a couple of well paying positions being recruited right now - a shelter director, and an Executive Director.

The Humane Education branch of the NS SPCA is also doing something very neat and have launched an art contest - their 1st Humane Education Awareness Art Exhibition. "The aim of this exhibition is to encourage Nova Scotia youth to think about society's relationship with animals. The two themes for the exhibition are: "What being kind to animals means to me" and "How the SPCA helps animals".'"

You can find out more information about it for your kids on the education page of the SPCA's website at and the contest ends March 31, 2009

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  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Thanks for posting this Joan. We can't stop this round of cuts, but hopefully it will prevent future ones.

    We'd appreciate the support!