Monday, June 16, 2008

Charlie's first little outing

Charlie seemed to be doing well enough, and he had some ants in his pants - so we went for a little walk in the woods.
I was so happy to be able to take a photo of all 4 dogs together
This is a photo of a "ladyslipper orchid" - it's a type of orchid that's native to Nova Scotia and it's absolutely beautiful. I took a bunch of photos of them today. They grow in the woods that me and the dogs walk in. They're supposedly illegal to dig up or pick. I don't touch them, only take photos. I've never even gotten close enough to see if they smell, maybe I'll get close enough to see if they smell tomorrow. Pink is my favourite colour - I've seen a lot of orchids, and I have to say they're just about my favourite.
Here's a photo of Jack plugging along - he is one happy dog lately.
And here is one of Buttercup I took right after the one I took of Jack.
It seems like every photo I've taken of Charlie the last couple of days he's smiling. I hope that's a good sign. In the last day it seems like his pain level has gone down - I've been giving him arnica - which is a homeopathic medicine, and it seems to have made a lot of difference for him. Daisy is definitely a lot happier in the last day. She's definitely been worried about him - doing a lot of lip licking on him and stuff.
Charlie being happy tonight.

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  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Awesome to see Charlie up & about & looking great! And how about that Jack? What a happy life he has now! Everyone is looking like they are enjoying their great outing!

    And pink just happens to be my favourite colour too!!