Monday, June 16, 2008

My temperament testing "back scratcher" hand

In the comments section of my previous post about Jack's video someone said -

LOL! Is that an approved method of "temperment testing"? I don't blame Jack - I'd be pissed too if someone tried to take my beloved toy!

I've been using that back scratcher as my extended hand for a long time! I've got another video - one that I took of my little poodle Teddy - dog rest his soul - when I was trying to touch a treat that he was guarding, where I used a back scratcher, and Teddy was doing the same thing with the treat that Jack was doing with the toy last night. The video is on You Tube at "A Slice of Teddy"

In case you missed last night's video of Jack you can also find that on You Tube at "Jack the Toy Fiend"

Needless to say - both of these dogs wouldn't do well in homes where back scratchers were not available and where people thought that they could just go in and "take" these things from the dogs because they are the humans. As I've always said - the best training methods are lowered expectations, lots of treats - and distraction. Luckily - Jack can be very easily distracted - and he LOVES treats. And I'm very happy to report - he is a very happy dog now.

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