Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What do YOU think + Some other stuff...

I mentioned in a previous post about how I'd gone and renewed my membership at the NS SPCA because they were having a big membership drive - so I went to the Provincial headquarters and paid for my membership in person and paid cash - which they accepted and gave me a receipt for. That was on February 25, 2008 - and the below noted letter and membership card is dated February 29, 2008 - which is the beginning of the weirdness.

What the letter actually says is the continuation of the weirdness. So I'm posting it here to see what people think. One would think that when one buys their membership to an organization, receives a receipt for that membership, then gets the MEMBERSHIP CARD in the mail (see below), and a letter stating that they're receiving their membership card (see below) - that they're now a member of that organization.

But if you read further in the letter - it says "Youre application for membership will be presented and reviewed at the next Board meeting, as per our Constitution and By-Laws. The NS SPCA COntitution states..." - and you can read further in the letter to read further.

The reason why they're saying this is that they can deny a person's membership - according to the NS SPCA's bylaws and constitution if a member:

12(b) Cause as reffered to in paragraph 12(a) is intended to mean a person who in the opinion of the Board is no longer supportive of the objects of the Society, or in the opionion of the BOard is so critical of the Society itself, andor the work being performed by the Society, as to have become an adversary to the Society.

It's that section that on the March 31st Board of Director's meeting - they're going to go over the membership list of everyone who's bought memberships - and if they think there's any troublemakers - they're going to boot them out based on that clause in the bylaws. So they're sending out this letter to everybody who's bought a membership saying that they're actuall "not" members yet.

Has anybody heard of this in any other organization? Any other charitable society? Anybody? Amy I being critical of the Society enough here that I'm going to be booted out March 31st? All I'm doing in here and in my previous posts are asking questions, that's all. I'm just writing out sentences ending in question marks.

I've got tons of other posts that are positive about the NS SPCA as well - maybe I should post those links as well - go to an SPCA Fund raiser that was at Yuk Yuk's - there's pictures of lots of people at the 2006 SPCA AGM here - I'm sure people will recognize the dogs and people in my post about the 4th Cause for a Paws and from last year's dog jog at Point Pleasant Park, which has photos from like the last FIVE dog jogs - because I've been to THEM ALL. Sp you CAN'T SAY that I'm not a big supporter of the NS SPCA. I just unfortunately am one of those people who has a mind of my own.

So let me know what YOU think about this letter - and whether you think it's some heavy handedness on the part of the Provincial branch of the NS SPCA...

This is me being slightly lazy by putting these super cute photos of Jack in the same post - but it would appear that Jack loves his recreational meaty bones. I guess there's nothing like having to compete for your food with tons of other dogs to make you love your raw meat.
There was NO way he was going to give up this bone today - so I gave him one of the big dog bones.
He chewed on that thing for a couple hours. If he had black teeth - I'd bet they're a slight colour of grey now. Or a couple of them fell out - either way - his teeth are probably quite a bit different than when he started chewing on that behoemoth! haha!
These are some photos that I took on the weekend - his first off leash walk - and Jack did super.

This is the first official portrait of all 4 dogs together in one photo - the continuing power of the everlasting liver. That dehydrated liver can compel dogs to do just about anything - including standing still crunched together for literally seconds at a time! haha!
The only wet part of the whole part was when I totally fell down in a huge pile of mud - I even had mud in the crack of my ass - Jack and Buttercup were completely unwilling to walk through a big river of mud - so I had to carry them over it (one at a time of course - so I had to go through it 3 times, which I'll explain) - but when I was carrying Jack over - I fell down, and he scampered back to the other side where we began - so I had to go get Buttercup, carry her back - and we went back from where we started. I wasn't very amused at that point. I was wet and cold. I don't fall down very often - but why do I have to fall down in a pool of mud?
Another photo of Jack running towards me!


  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Funny how payment wasn't pending until your approval. That's bizarre.

    On a happier, less bizarre note, it was great to see Jack man-up to that bone!

  2. Peter of Halifax10:22 PM

    The letter is not surprising to me at all to be honest. I was going to buy a membership but if this is how they treat people who donate money to them, I'm not sure the metro SPCA is an organization I want to support.

    This is what weak-minded people who know that they are not doing a good job have to do to protect their positions. If they can control who is allowed to be a member then they will just refuse memberships to any people they think might stand up to them and dare to have an opinion or view different from theirs. It is pretty sad and pathetic but like I said, that is how weak-minded people like Pamela Keddy think.

  3. Anonymous11:56 PM


    I am SO GLAD you put this in your blog. I know of two people who have already had their memberships rescinded for operating within the democratic process as we know it but I suspect being on the wrong side of opinions of Execs Pam Keddy and Judith Gass.

    What is really bothering me is that I feel I have to post a comment to your blog anonymously for fear of having my own membership rescinded for saying this behaviour by the board is appalling and definitely looking more theocratic than democratic. I want to attend the AGM. I want the opportunity to vote for a new slate of Executives or atleast the President and VIce president position. I hope a motion has been put forward.

    This reminds me of actions behind the Berlin Wall in the 70's. People who had voiced opposition to the ruling party hid behind anonymous identities to protect themselves so they could be able to get the word out about what was really happening in their country.

    I know the SPCA is not the communist regime but WOW ..actions like these are telling me that they must know people aren't happy with thier behaviour and actions as Execs of the SPCA so they are trying to protect themselves from their own membership_ A membership who supposedly voted them in via a democratic process- shouldn't they be answering to this membership?

  4. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Oh my gosh Joan, this is making me wonder what's going to happen with my SPCA membership application. Like you I've been quite vocal but for no reason other than concern about what's been going on....

    Seems to me they're worried about something.. like .. people speaking their minds? Why are they scared I wonder. The more these bizarre things happen, the more I start to worry exactly what it is they are trying to hide.

    It seems to me the the actions of the SPCA Executive is quite similar to the actions of Zonda and Alice MacIsaac..

    What in the heck is going on!!!!

  5. Anonymous1:47 AM

    You'd probably have to phone Ron Skibbens at the provincial government to get the skinny on what non profits are and are not allowed to do.

    Here's a little about it:


    And I know there's better info on the website somewhere but it's like finding a needle in a haystack.


    It kinda does look like they can do and say whatever they want.

    Truly when I was looking into the CB SPCA with the province I found out there were no real watch dogging powers at all.

    Not taking a dig at anyone...just trying to tell you where to look for answers.

    You just have to decide who you want to align with I guess sometimes. Nothing in life is very fair and it's hard to get great leaders in unpaid positions.

    And there are too many animals needing homes and people being mean to animals. It's hard from all angles I guess.

  6. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Just on a hunch, I didn't even bother to apply. After sending my third email ever ( the first two like so many others in support of Celtic Pets)..... the SPCA investigator specifically mentioned me by name to a rescue person in our community and told her that "people like her" (referring to me ) would "bury her". Without Ever meeting me or any personal knowledge of me, this individual had made judgements on me based upon my criticisms of the SPCA. Last time that I looked, we live in a democracy and should be free to speak out. As a retired military member I have always been proud of the way Canada has gone to many places in the world in an effort to provide these same freedoms for others. I find it a shame that here in my own country there should be such energy wasted to discourage free speech. Janet

  7. Anonymous10:24 AM


    Thanks so much for bringing this to people's attention. Of course the NS SPCA apologists say it's business as usual, but that doesn't make it right.

  8. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Joan, I haven't received a letter. When did you get this one?

    Your letter clearly states that your membership would be reviewed during the next meeting. I'm sure there's been one since then, no?

  9. I received this letter on March 11, 2008 - I went in and bought my membership on February 25, 2008 - and the letter is dated February 29, 2008.

  10. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I received the same notification today. Why the hell would they CASH people's cheques AND provide membership cards only to say that they will decide at the next board meeting? Isn't that a little ass-backwards? It seems as though they are doing whatever they want to protect their own asses and make sure that anyone in the "know" of what is going on behind the scenes is kept out. Sad for the animals. Egos apparently are more important for Provincial SPCA than animals. Very very sad.

  11. Anonymous7:56 PM

    It does not suprise me in the least the latest actions of this board. For the last 8 years, this board has been systematically destroying the work of previous boards and employees. The NSSPC was established to protect those unable to speak for themselves, to educate the public on animal husbandry, and to support adoptable animals in foster care until permanent homes can be found. Prosecution of individuals intentionally committing cruelty to animals is a function of this mandate. Why is it then this executive insists on persecuting those people best able to perform the tasks which have been associated with the Society for over 100 years? I know that after the harassment and final "retirement" of Chief Provincial Investigator Jessica Hunt, the society has no one capable of handling the province in its entirety, which allows situations like the Alice MacIssac fiasco to occur. Shame on Judith Gass, Pamela Keddy, and the entire executive!