Monday, March 10, 2008

Hopefully a new Regime will do something about the Cape Breton SPCA

There was an article in the Cape Breton Post on Friday about feral cats in Sydney - and part of the article posted how many animals went INTO the Cape Breton SPCA in January and February, and also how many animals made their way OUT OF the SPCA ALIVE - and the numbers are staggering - 499 animals went into the shelter and only 99 animals were adopted out. If you do the math - thats a 75% kill rate. How can that be happening in today's society anywhere in Nova Scotia. How can anyone within the NS SPCA be allowing that to happen? And at the same time - they only have SIX animals listed on their Petfinder site - how is THAT possible?

That is quite a question to be asking don't you think? Perhaps you should be asking that of the people in charge at the NS SPCA. And perhaps you should be asking anyone who WANTS to be in charge of the NS SPCA what they are going to do about it, should they find themselves in charge. Because a 75% kill rate is completely unacceptable in anyone's books I'd say.

Disgusting, as far as I'm concerned. And I've had a disgusting day today from beginning to end - I have completely lost faith in any part of the NS SPCA - including in the people who think they are going to be able to fix it - they are just as corrupt and full of lies as the current regime. It's all bad - from beginning to end. It just goes to show you that all politics is corrupt. Power corrupts - and absolute power absolutely corrupts. Pathetic.


  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    And we're surprised that these geniuses couldn't save the comparably few animals in Zonda's house of horrors despite having the evidence thrown at their feet for months?

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I emailed the CB Post Editor about these guys:

    Who he's likely already heard from. They do awesome work...I visited some colonies when I was living home for a while.

    There's not a lot the NS SPCA can do about the Cape Breton branch unfortunately as they are independently incorporated. I fought it for two years...spoke to registry of joint name it. And Capers really don't much care. I think we need to open a Bide Awhile down there...LOL

    I have SCADS of info about the CB branch and their bylaws etc. if anyone is ever interested in it.

    ang & nelly

  3. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I'm sorry...

    "Beny" (a cat listed for adoption) is a "Tiger"???? :-) it just me, or shouldn't people who designate breeds/types/colours of animals know the correct terminology?

    Beny is a tabby, not a tiger (and looks like a DLH brown tabby, to be more specific).

    It kind of reminds me of my local licensing office. Each January, I go to license my dog and cat. The first time (after moving here) I pointed out there was no field for 'species'. The clerk looked puzzled, then said she'd know which one was the cat because I wrote DLH brown tabby in the colour field. Imagine if, for example, I had a black, brown, or white cat and a black, brown, or white dog. They wouldn't even know what kind of animal each license was for! Ridiculous!