Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wonderful, Juicy Staff going on over at Kijiji

A post over at Kijiji got me fired up tonight and I had to respond to it - someone named "Karen" has made a couple posts to a thread that I've mentioned before called "Follow up: An Urgent Plea for Celtic Pets" - she calls herself a volunteer for the NS SPCA, and a person who works in the legal field - her posts start on page 26 of the topic - and they got me going enough that I had to make a reply. She is saying exactly what I had expected someone to start implying any day now - that any charges brought against the MacIsaac's are going to be thrown out because the public's dealing with the case has tainted the evidence in the eyes of the law - and because of that - any reasons that the MacIsaac's might have had to keep the Executive of the NS SPCA at bay (and away from the secret of their "shelter) - will forever be kept neatly in the back pocket of those people who didn't want the information to get out. And it's not the fault of the people who "only had the interest of the animals at heart" - they went down and seized the animals and took them out of harm's way" - after taking 5 months to investigate and get a warrant - it's not their fault that they couldn't make the charges stick. They did everything by the book. They can't help it if now they will accidentally benefit by the fact that no charges will come to the MacIsaac's and no bad information comes to light about the individuals at the top of the NS SPCA (this of course is all reverie from my own imagination - I am only dreaming here - there are no facts at all in this post - I am only hyperbolizing)

According to Karen at Kijiji - the public is to blame - all the people who have been doing the cat cuddling and then having the audacity to talk about it - they're the ones to blame if no charges are ever brought against the MacIsaac's. Shame on those horrible volunteers. What were they thinking. Check out the hyperlinks I provided in this post if you'd like to read further....


  1. Anonymous11:08 PM

    I totally agree. As one of those evil cat cuddlers, I was highly offended by her post. How are WE to blame all of the sudden?? I smell a rat and I think you've hit the nail on the head ... Judith Gass has really gone to ground since all this hit the fan. Funny that.

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    UGh! The funny thing is the NS SPCA is considered one of the worst run in Canada by all the others across Canada. I believe they are thought of as a joke.

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM

    If the NS SPCA executive blows this horrible horrible case with Celtic Pets and doesn't lay charges there is really going to be hell to pay. Not just to people who want answers but for any animals in the future. I really hope the get over themselves and smarten up to get the job done - a job they're supposed to care so deeply about.

  4. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I don't think a legal professional reads kijiji ads, much less comments on them. "In the legal field" probably means, at best, a receptionist at a law firm. Now, a receptionist may have some expertise in any number of fields, but really...who are we trying to kid, here? I'm not taking sides either way. But, come on. This is clearly someone with way too much free time on her hands, which doesn't desribe any lawyer or paralegal I know.

  5. I actually went and looked at the webpage of the legal firm that this lady works at - and I agree with you - she's not a lawyer, because her name isn't listed on the list of lawyers who work at the firm, and she's not an articling lawyer, because she's not on that list either - she's either a paralegal, or a secretary - and I'm not going to bash her if she's a secretary - because I'M a secretary! And we can be pretty smart TOO!!! haha!

  6. Anonymous12:38 AM

    I'll tell you what I think... I think that NO charges will be laid.. because the SPCA knew.. for years! If the NS SPCA is going to press charges, then in fact their guilt will be uncovered as well.. as far back as Judith Gass.

    I'd buy a ticket that charges will not be pressed by the NS SPCA
    but.. I can assure you. The RCMP will!

  7. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I think you all know nothing! How dare you all comment on things you know nothing about! Of course charges will be laid, if not im sure that the premier of NS will definetly make sure it gets done. So get your heads out of your a**** and use some commen sense. Do you know any of these people personally? Cause I sure as hell do, and I know for a FACT they are trying everything they can to get the charges laid ASAP. The paperwork is now in and is being lookd over. So settle down and stop trying to blame the SPCA. And FYI its not the SPCA's fauly that it doesn't get enough money to support all the shelters in the province, they rely on the help of the vets too, and CB SPCA from what I hear is not on good terms with the vets around them so that could explain why their rate, as stated earier is about 75%.