Thursday, March 13, 2008

Casper and Pumpkin need a new home!

I had an email today from my friend Maureen who works over at Camp Bow Wow - the photos in this post are of 2 collies named Casper and Pumpkin
Casper and Pumpkin have been staying at Camp Bow Wow for the last little while being fostered there because their owner was ill - but now it's become apparent that the owner is NOT going to be able to take them back - so these guys need a new home.
Casper and Pumpkin are pure bred "sable white face" collies - John the owner says - about them - Casper (“Cassie”)- Neutered Male 6 years old in excellent health and Pumpkin is a Spayed Female 10 years old in good health they are very well behaved, affectionate souls that come from a caring environment.
The hope of course is to keep them together - because that's how they've spent the last 6 years, but if worse comes to worse they can be separated. You can find out more about them on their own web page on the Camp Dog Website and you can also call Camp Bow Wow at 902-431-3647
These are some photos of the Camp Bow Wow environment - it looks to me like it's a pretty fun place to go!
Camp Bow Wow is great for everyone - they're always doing stuff for local rescues - they even volunteered to take any of the Celtic Pets seized dogs as foster dogs in their doggy day care - regardless of breed - they wanted to help the NS SPCA in whatever capacity they could. So hopefully whenever the SPCA gets around to letting the dogs out from wherever they are - they will take Camp Bow Wow up on that exceptional offer - can you imagine going from solitary confinement of a cage to this kind of doggy shangri-la? I think it would be fabulous for the dog kind of dog who could handle it.
I have Camp Bow Wow listed on the doggy day care page of my Resources section on my Charlie loves Halifax website - I'd say they've shaped up to be the doggy day care to beat in the HRM currently - Kathleen Duffy's Tailwaggrrr's is going to have to work pretty hard! haha!


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    It's hard to believe someone abandoned those beautiful dogs. But I have no doubt someone will give them a loving home very quickly.

    My girl goes to Camp Bob Wow from time to time and I can attest to the great facility John and his wife run. They have a wonderful operation and it doesn't surprise me to hear that they offered to take in some of the seized Celtic Pet dogs.


  2. Anonymous12:28 AM

    I thought they don't allow bully breeds??

  3. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Camp Bow Wow looks like an awesome spot! I wish they had a location in Oregon :)

  4. Just to be known..the owner has not "abandoned" these beauties. The owner has become ill...and unable to care for them any longer. I knew these dogs before they ever came to camp and they are well loved, looked after and the owner will love them forever!
    However due to circumstances...they are in need of a home..preferably together, as they are very close. We have boarded them a few times and love them dearly! But now it is time for them to "go home". So if you have room in your home and heart for these adorable, affectionate, quiet us at CBW.
    Maureen...counsellor at CBW

  5. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Oops, my bad. Thanks for the clarification Maureen.