Monday, October 8, 2007

A Weekend full of taking photos

This Thanksgiving weekend I had a busy time of taking a lot of photos where I went = to the Maritime Fall Fair, a friends house for Thanksgiving supper on Sunday, and then for a walk with the dogs today. I got some great photos Sunday night and today.

This is a photo of a vendors stall at the Maritime Fall Fair - I was having a very positive conversation with the woman - her store is out in Hammonds Plains and she sells horsey type stuff and she said that she also sells a lot of dog stuff which I thought was great and we were talking about that when I asked her my inevitable question which I figured I already knew the answer of - "So - is your store dog friendly?" - to which she replied "No, my dog is in the store and she runs around free, and there's a lot of expensive stock in there" - blah blah - to which I answered - "Okay, thanks". And I put the item I had in my hand and had planned on buying back up on the shelf and walked away. I will NOT be listing her store on my Resources pages or saying here what the name of her store is for obvious reasons - although you can intuit from the picture what it is. But no money from my pocket is going to a dog type store that does not allow dogs through it's doors!! What idiocy!!!!!!
And talking about idiocy - the people behind the counter at this display were a laugh a minute. If you're at the Exhibition next weekend you should go here and have some fun with these people. They're a laugh a minute. I'm not going to tell you how they're "funny" - but it'll take you about a minute-and-a-half of conversation to figure it out. Try talking about the inter-net, or how much money they're making off their pillows, or people trying to steal from them, or "conspiracies". And don't look at them out of the corner of your eye. You'll be done for then.

This is Skye the border Collie from "Moe's Little Kennels and the Paws for Fun" demonstration that they had going on at the Exhibition. I'm not going to say too much about this because I don't have too much good to say about it.How would you like to pay $75 for a pair of rubber boots with dogs on them? Go back out the Exhibition next weekend and find them!
This was the first time since I was a child that I'd gotten close to cows - they are awesome.

They also had a midway which I thought was neat - it was good for about a minute of interest - it was also the first time I'd been to anything like that since I was a kid.
I also went to the bull riding something or other with my Dad which I thought was fascinating. It was exactly like what you see on television - the same quality of bull riding - only in reality. It was pretty neat.

So then last night I went to supper at my friend Janet's house - here are the results of that -

This is CharlieAnd Oreo - 1/2 papillon and 1/2 jack russell
Ursa and Sandy
A group shot of some of the above dogs
These photos are part of a "fashion shoot" that we did for this little dog Toby - he put up with our foolishness like a true pro! haha!

These are photos that I took today of the dogs - arent' they cute? I especially like the one of Daisy where her nose is stuck in the camera lens - that's an especially good one. It also appears as if Charlie was feeling super smiley today as well. They like to go for walks.

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