Saturday, September 1, 2007

Some Cute Pictures + Halifax Water front

Today me and Buttercup had some errands to do downtown so we took a walk around the waterfront - I'd walked down there with the dogs before, but for some reason never took any pictures when we'd been there - so I bought myself an ice cream cone - and off for a walk me and Buttercup went. It was cloudy, but there was a few people out - and so were most of the tourist boats who moor up on the water front too. But we had a good time none-the-less.

After we went for that gambol - we headed over to Burnside Park to drop off some stuff that we were donating to the Metro SPCA for a yard sale they're having September 22nd - at a storage place - and I ran into a lady I know who has 2 of the cutest dogs in the world - Max and Sneakers - and her dogs did NOT disappoint my camera - as you can see below! Sneakers is on one of the pages on my "Charlie loves Halifax" page - a page I called "Charlie's friends" - a page where I talk about 2nd hand dogs and how they're exactly like every other dog and usually end up in rescue through no fault of their own. Sneakers was a LOT smaller in the photo on that page though! haha!

These are 2 pictures of Max and Sneakers:

Tonight me and my Dad went to a big bingo here at the Halifax Forum - I did not win, so I still have to show up at work on Tuesday morning - which sucks. It was fun while it lasted though - and no, the bingo hall was not dog friendly - as far as I know - I actually forgot to ask! I should ask them and see what they say!

This below photo is proof of the fact that I take photos of absolutely everything! It's a photos of the bingo hall I was at tonight with my Dad.

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