Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Busy Day

Buttercup went to the beauty parlour today. I don't think she was feeling very pampered though. She was shivering to beat the band and acting like she wanted to be anywhere but on that grooming table. That was until I left - and then she stopped her shenanigans and gave in to Kathleen the groomer. Isn't it funny how dogs are like that? They know what they can get away with with their owners - and know that they can't get away with anything with strangers. That's why you take dogs to groomers and pay them money

Every once in a while I go out and see some humans - tonight I went out and saw some human friends at Montana Jack's. The service was awful, the wait was hellish - all the waitresses there were young enough to be my children - and I am not THAT old. But we made the best of it and stuffed different things on the table up our noses. That's what happens when it takes your food too long to get to your table.

First you SMOKE the crayon, THEN you stick it up your nose - that's the proper order for the digestion of a ruby red firestarter. It's an ancient chinese recipe.

And then once all the crayons are gone - then you move on to the beer bottles - you must first swallow the neck down to the nape of the bottle - then gently ease the rest of the glass bottle down the esophagus in one quick movement. Swallow and repeat as necessary.

One thing I bought today at Metro Dog Wash while we were there was a new sign for the front of the house - of course I'm going to put an "S" at the end of DOG. It should prove helpful to show the world that I'm not the one with the problem dogs. At least I'm trying to tell the world that I have dogs that people should beware of - my next door neighbours DO have beware of dogs signs. I guess we SHOULD beware of their dog.

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