Monday, September 3, 2007

Mmmmmm Meaty Bones

Today we were all hanging around outside - so I thought it would be a good opportunity to give the dogs some meaty bones. Everybody treats them differently though. Charlie likes to eat his.
Daisy likes to run around the back yard for awhile with hers in a panic - trying to find a place to bury it. When she finds a place - today she found a spot underneath the shed - where she buried it, and then she laid in front of it for the afternoon and guarded it. Just in case she might be starving later on, and she might need a meaty bone in order to stave off death. As of 12:15am the next morning - it's still untouched underneath the shed.
What Buttercup does with her meaty bone is especially fun. She stands in front of it for a few minutes - growling at anyone who dares to come close to it - and then something distracts her and she walks away - at which point Daisy comes along and steals it. Daisy actually DOES eat this bone - because it doesn't belong to her - thus leaving her own bone available for staying in the ground for later ingestion when she is actually starving to death. Isn't that nice of Buttercup that she's willing to sacrifice her bone so that Daisy can eat now and leave her own bone for when she really neeeds it? Buttercup is such a good dog.

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