Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Something is happening in King's County

A friend of mine did a freedom information request for the municipality of King's asking for their impound and euthanization statistics for dogs and cats - and  what he got back was very disturbing - since July 2011 they have killed 347 cats until August of 2013 - its even more stunning when you compare it to 3 other areas that we also have statistics for - the Nova Scotia SPCA's statistics from around Nova Scotia for the same time, Annapolis Royal, and the HRM's statistics for dogs.

We only have  King's County's statistics to go by - what they gave us - but it appears that they only adopted out 54 cats in that time period - so they killed many many more cats than what they adopted out.

They killed friendly cats, feral cats, pregnant cats, friendly kittens, healthy kittens - every cat that was euthanized had a description next to it on the statistics we were given - so there were a lot of sick cats that did need to be euthanized - not every animal can be saved and we appreciate that - but the numbers are startling.

347 cats were killed between the dates of July 2011 to August 2013 at a cost of $14,367.44 - from the comments section on the veterinary bills we learned that at least 83 of them or 24% were feral cats.

92 cats were described as being friendly - 26%

9 cats were pregnant - and 25 of them were described as suffering - so only 7% were killed for medical reasons or because they were suffering.

99 that were killed were kittens - some of those were described as being feral as well - but kittens represented 28.5% of the total amount of cats killed.

In the same period Annapolis Royal killed 78 cats - how could an area so geographically close have such lower numbers? 

The representative from Annapolis Royal said what they do with cats is "that cats are taken by Companion Animal Protection Society as long as they have room or if feral they are taken in by Team TNR" - so they are obviously working with their local rescues groups which is what is needed to get to their numbers.

The HRM's Homeward bound in 2011 killed 51 dogs in 2011 and 47 dogs in 2012 for a total of 98 dogs in the same 2 years - they aren't supposed to do cats so I didn't ask for their stats on cats.

But the real surprising numbers come when you compare King's County to the NS SPCA's numbers on cats.

They are even worse than the Cape Breton SPCA! And for those people familiar with the Cape Breton SPCA - that's saying something!

For 2011 we don't have numbers, but in 2012 the CB SPCA only killed 83 cats! Multiply that by 2 and you still only get 164!

The King's County SPCA only killed 58 cats - and they intook 690 cats - so that's a pretty good intake for an SPCA in the same county who's pound killed 347 cats.

The Antigonish SPCA killed 11 cats.

Even the largest shelter in Nova Scotia - the provincial shelter in Dartmouth - in the same 2 year period - only killed 198 cats.

So there is an obvious problem in the municipality of Kings.  What can we do about it?  I have no idea - obviously convenience killing is going on - feral cats are being killed - there is no liaising with rescues, when a cat is picked up - it is killed the same day it is impounded - this is what the statistics are saying.

If you live in King's County and you think cats are being taken care of - you are sorely mistaken - you are not - you need to contact your municipal officials and demand something be done - because your stray and abandoned cats deserve better than what's happening today - which is an immediate death when they have any interaction with municipal officials - no chance whatsoever at adoption or a forever home.

You should be angry - I don't even live  there and I am angry.

We have done Freedom of information requests for every municipality in Nova Scotia to compare and see if there's any other areas that are as bad as King's - when they come in we will let you know.


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Laurie Crow Wheeler is HART. A rescue for cats in Kings Co. She has fought them for years trying to save cats that are taken in. They will NOT make any concessions to try and save these animals.

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Animal have rights there is no need to kill, healthy, friendly and babies cats. I just think that more action needs to be done.

  3. Anonymous7:01 PM

    **Tipping my hat to HART ** Laurie has been a blessed asset to our Kings Co, as well as all her team of concerned rescuers ,,all of whom are gravely concerned about all living creatures great or small... the kill policy in KingsCo. has to stop ... I was just told yesterday to take my stray (non-feral) cat to Animal Control in KingsCo. and asked the young man on the phone in AnnaCo.. if they ( Animal Control) has a no kill policy ? his response was NO ,,,, I could not believe what I was hearing !! After reading this article tonight ...I and all of our living creatures should be saying Thank You HART you are such a BLESSING in KIngs Co ♥

    1. Anonymous12:02 AM

      Of course Annapolis County Pound is not no kill...someone is in dreamland! Can you name ANY pound that fall into that category?In a perfect world it might happen, but as long as the human race continues to NOT put the altering of their pets at the top of a priority list, this will continue to happen. The public calls AC because of a "stray" in their yard, AC comes and takes the "stray", they wait minimum 3 days for the owners to call to claim it, but usually a great deal longer than the 3 days. When a rescue group like CAPS in Annapolis County has space, the cat or dog goes into foster care.A couple groups cannot save every animal in the is NOT possible. Many, many animal caregivers put their own lives aside in order to save the abandoned and homeless cats and dogs in this area. 100% no kill in any area is not a practical goal...we sure would all love to see it happening however. When our foster homes have no more space and our bathrooms are even full...we must say that there is no more room at the "inn". MOST rescue people do not ever expect a pat on the back but please support us for the work we all do instead of people always slamming others for what wasn't possible. ~WAG MORE~BARK LESS~

  4. thats why everyone should spay and neuter their pets

  5. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I think we should focus our anger where is deserves to go THE PEOPLE WHO DON"T FIX THEIR ANIMALS!!! They are causing this overflow that the shelters have to deal with. Plus the bird population is at an all time low because there are too many cats. I love cats but the feral catch and release thing doesn't work.

  6. Anonymous9:48 PM

    those stats can't be right because I adopted 4 cats in the time period that Kings county is saying that only 54 were adopted. It has to be a lot more than that.

  7. Anonymous - we can only go by the stats we were given by the Municipality themselves - and what those stats say is that they adopted out 54 cats in the same time frame that they killed 347 cats - if they adopted out more then they didn't do the proper paperwork for it.

  8. Margie T12:28 AM

    The problems at the CBSPCA have been corrected. It is now a true no kill shelter. I think you will find the numbers good here from now on.

  9. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I am the co-founder of Team TNR in Annapolis co and used to live in Kings Co. It is difficult to explain everything in a post but I would encourage any animal rescue people to read "Redemption" by Nathon Winograd. It is controversial and you don't have to agree with Everything - but the basic message is true. Between Animal Control and the SPCA, the situation in Kings co CAN BE turned around. I now live in the Fredericton area and work with the OROMOCTO spca. We follow the basic principals of "Redemption" and have a very low euthanasia rate AS WELL AS a HIGH intake rate. If you are willing to do the work, you can turn a shelter/community around. I have moved several times (military) and have seen first hand shelters succeed - and some fail. Leave pride and stubbornness at the door and you can save lives.
    Also - a "thumbs up to Laurie Wheeler of HART and Melissa Lee of SHAR. The situation would be MUCH worse if not for their efforts!
    Jill Brideau

  10. I agree with you Jill - when I read Redemption when it first came out - it changed my life.

  11. Anonymous4:29 PM

    It breaks my heart and I live in Kings Co. I have taken in 6 cats and with the help of the SPCA had them all fixed and feed and shelter them. If only we could get others to do the same it would be as bad. Where I live in Waterville there are farms and it seems to be a high area to just drop off your cats if you don't want them and let them feed for them makes me very angry,

  12. DeLancey Bishop, the "Municipal Official" refrenced above6:59 PM

    If you like, I invite you out to our pound Ms. Sinden so you can see what we are doing here. I'd like to give you more background, and the numbers that were not shared with you yet. Some of the numbers are actually worse if you look at the past 5 years (235 cats average eutherised per year). Though the numbers you do not have impounds (1581 over 5 years) and adoptions (535 over 5 years). We also have about 20 cats in our impound facility awaiting space for adoption, and they have average being here for more than 4 weeks each. If you know of any shelters with additional space other than the ones we already work with, please let us know. And are you aware of our proactive spay-neuter assistence program for fixed income residents? I'd like the opporutunity to clarify what we do here. I'm not sure where you are getting your information, but I invite you to come closer to the source.
    DeLancey Bishop, Animal Control Officer, Mun. County of Kings

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      pfffffffffffffffffft unbelievable. I have asked to be notified repeatedly about cats ESPECIALLY kittens and orphaned kittens that are threatened to be euthanized and I have YET to receive one phone call or email from Kings County Animal Control asking for my help - SHAME!!!!! Why? Because they don't like me ... WHY don't they like me? Because I tell it like it is and make them look bad. Laurie, H.A.R.T.

    2. Anonymous2:00 PM

      Laurie is correct. Animal control has neglected to reach out to ANY animal rescue groups other than the Wolfville animal hospital from time to time. This sounds like convenient killing to me ! Shame on Animal Control and shame on the county for not picking up on this.

    3. Anonymous12:41 PM

      To OPT for euthanization instead of making a few calls to see if there is help from another organization like HART or SHAR or what have you .... in my opinion is not only cowardly but down right malicious. I would think that the preparation/appointment making time, etc., to have these animals euthanized, especially kittens would take MORE TIME than a couple of phone calls or FB posts for HELP. It's more than convenient for them if you ask me - I would question whether they LIKE it perhaps?? Think about it ..... Laurie, H.A.R.T.