Monday, October 21, 2013

I've become obsessed with those pic stitch programs

As you can see below - I've become obsessed with those pic stitch programs - here's a couple of the collages I've made -

This is a collage of photos of Buttercup from over the years - isn't she unbelievably awesome?

I took this one at a blessing of the animals a couple weeks ago up in the north end of Halifax - doesn't Buttercup look impressed?

Here is Taffy at Long Lake - she is really a lovely outdoors dog and this has been her favourite place to be - bar none.

This is Buttercup and Bubby - Bubby is sick with kennel cough and Buttercup is having sympathetic sickness feelings with him

This is Tina - who used to be Neena - and Taffy - the night before Taffy went to her new foster home

This is Taffy at her new foster home - shangri-la for her - the pictures coming back from there are just unbelievably awesome

Pictures from a walk at Long Lake with Tina

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