Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How much easier could I make it for you, District of the municipality of Kings?

The CBC Radio piece aired this morning about the problem that Kings County is having with killing too many cats - and it was so predictable what the Animal Control officer said as to the reason why they are killing so many - they have to.

There are too many cats, they have no place to put them, and no one to work with in placing them - and really, it's the public's fault because they don't spay and neuter.

So boring.

This is 2013, animal control officer. There are so many other solutions out there it's mind boggling - we even have lots of other places in Nova Scotia who are doing fabulous things you should be ASHAMED!!

You have no further to look than Homeward Bound POUND and the Nova Scotia SPCA for ideas - so that you could do your JOB more effectively and save lives.

Have you never read the book Redemption by Nathan Winograd? If you haven't I've got a couple extra copies and I will give you one for free - just as long as you promise that you will read it.

There are so many ways to NOT KILL these days - and the number one way is to make the decision to NOT KILL. It really is as easy as that. Ask any no kill shelter - even open admission shelters that are no kill how they became no kill how they did it - one day when they opened up they decided on that day they stopped killing and they did whatever they had to do to NOT KILL THAT DAY. It's as easy as that - you find solutions.

You take those kittens you had previously killed to the local mall instead of the veterinarian for euthanasia - and get them out in public, you actively recruit foster homes, there's all kinds of stuff you can do to stop the killing accoding to the "No kill equation" - it's not rocket science, you don't have to invent the wheel - it's been done elsewhere, it's worked elsewhere - it's worked in animal control facilities exactly like the municipality of the district of King's - there just has to be the will.

Whether that exists - I have no idea.

But stop blaming the cats, stop blaming the public - stop blaming other animal advocates - those aren't the ones who are doing the killing - it's the animal control department that's doing it - and the killing won't stop until they take blame for it - and then do the work needed to fix it - and stop the killing


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  2. Thank you for this, Joan. We do have several no-kill shelters here in Kings County, including the Valley WAAG animal shelter here in Wolfville where I live. We're trying to raise awareness (and funds) through the Aviva Community Fund, if you'd be willing to mention that or let the link stand in this comment: http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf17213

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      You should send this alone to CBC Information Morning. The interview was totally one sided (in favour of A/C). So very disappointing especially for CBC.

  3. Because neglect still isn't working.