Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gail Benoit was a no show for her court appearance today

I have been negligent in keeping up with posts about what's going on with Gail Benoit - the last post I wrote about her was March 28th, 2013 - and it's amazing the number of news stories have come out about her since then - you'll see them at the bottom of this post - and you'll see she's been very busy.

The post I wrote in March was about how she wanted to have the terms of her release changed so that she could start selling puppies again - but I guess she must have been unsuccessful in that venture.

Just about every news organization has been reporting on her - CBC, CTV - even Frank Magazine did a sting operation and tried to buy a kitten from her and got clandestine photos of the operation - and even did a cartoon of her story.

In the courts she's currently on trial for fraud for selling 2 boxers that she had said she would babysit - but instead sold. Under terms of her release she hasn't been allowed to sell dogs - so it's alleged she's been selling kittens instead - so she has been staying in the animal sale industry, much to everyone's chagrin - and horror.

Today she was supposed to be in court to have the terms of her release changed - but she called in sick - so the court date was put over to July 9th - it's ironic that she is allowed to have due process but the puppies and kittens that she's sold over the years have had none of that - and the customers that she's sold her defective (allegedly) product to - have had absolutely no recourse to any kind of relief.

Here are the news stories that have come out since I last posted about her -

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  1. How do she legally get away with being a no-show ?