Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Private Dog Park Still Moving Ahead on Lucasville Road

I first wrote about this private dog park in late April - at that time there hadn't been full disclosure about the terms of membership of the dog park - in that the park is practicing bsl - any dog that has the appearance in any way of a dog who might resemble a pit bull type dog is not allowed to have a membership in this park.

A greyhound who passes their assessment, but who in fact has a high prey drive when it comes to small white dogs - is totally welcome at that park - but any dog who has short hair, a wide forehead, and a goofy grin - is barred.

It's my belief that all dogs are individuals and should be treated as such - just because you look a certain way - it should have no bearing whatsoever on what your temperament is, how you act, or how you should be treated.

I took this picture today of 3 of my dogs - one of them is human aggressive, one of them is dog aggressive, and one of them loves everyone - can you tell which is which?

I bet you twenty dollars that you can't tell which is which - all 3 of them look adorable. They are proof you cannot judge a dog by how they look - and you cannot judge a dog by their breed. Period. And within those breeds - every dog is an individual - just like humans are individuals.

That's why this dog park is a big deal because it is being discriminatory to certain breeds - it is disrespectful to all breeds by judging certain breeds.

Hate starts somewhere - and it's starting here.

I know that my little hissy fit isn't going to change anything - I just feel the need to make it. A line has been crossed and I don't want it to go any further.

I made a point on someone's timeline that I wondered if I'd be making such a big deal if someone opened up a dog park for small breeds only - and I think I would be okay with that - as long as they let all breeds of small dogs in there - because you will find some bully breeds that are quite small - like staffordshire bull terriers.

So you can apply to get into this dog park - but know what you are signing up for - it's a big picture - and it includes the extermination of a lot of goofy grins.

Animal Farm Foundation has written a fabulous post on just this topic - it's a must read - it's called "Unique and Uniform: The #1 Myth that Fuels Canine Discrimination" - I hope you go read it.


  1. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I supported this park when I first heard about it, because it seemed like such a great idea to have an off leash, safe area for dogs to run and play. Then I heard about the BSL they were implementing. Like yourself, I completely disagree with BSL, and immediately stopped supporting the place. I will NOT be a member, even if it were free. I'd rather keep my dog leashed than take part in supporting a place operated by narrow minded bigots.

  2. I thought I read that the ban on certain breeds was an insurance issue. It was my understanding that the business could not get insurance without those restrictions. I don't believe it is an attack on those breeds by the owners of the park rather a bigger societal issue, which lead to the insurance company having a fear of underwriting a business where those breeds were allowed.
    It is unfortunate but until the view on these dogs changes it seems to be a reality for their guardians.

  3. I agree completely, Joan. None of my dogs will be supporting this park.

  4. The insurance thing was just a bluff - in an email to me the owner of the dog park said -

    "How to deal with the frightened people of these breeds?

    And what the community is doing about the dead children of these breeds.

    One dead child is one to many. I am not saying this is the only breeds biting. But when the do they KILL."

    So it's pretty obvious that they are shutting out pit bulls for reasons other than insurance.

  5. Things are never that black and white. There are shades of grey everywhere. I am not for BSL, but I can understand why the owners of this park are making the choices they are. I do realize that all dogs should be judged individually, but I'm also quite aware that there is also truth in breed traits. It is my opinion that the biggest problem here is more the owners of these types of dogs. I find they tend to be the self rightous do gooder who is hell bent on championing the underdog of the day at all cost vs dealing responsibly with the reality of the dog that they have. They are out to prove a point and will attempt to do so regardless of any harm that might come to others. Yes, these types of people do own other breeds of dogs, but it seems like they tend to gravitate towards the pitt bull types...which is most unfortunate for this type of dog, as they need advocates that are grounded, responsible, realistic and wise.

  6. I hate to tell you, Marjorie - but you are wrong - there are no breed traits. - didn't you read the link I provided at the bottom of the blog post?

    Dogs have to treated as individuals. Period. Thank dog the world is moving forward and away from all the garbage that has been killing dogs who look a certain way.

    It's not true - and we all need to educate ourselves - for the sale of our dogs

  7. Well Joan, that is where things get grey and not black and white. It is my belief and that of many others that once upon a time dogs were bred for function and some of those traits/characteristics/archetypal patterning remain in general in todays breeds/types. That's why many (but NOT all) herding dogs like to herd, hounds like to sniff and retrievers like to retrieve. Yes, some dogs were bred to be dog focused. SO my dear, there is no definitive "Period." I'm sorry to say, life is just NOT that black & white just because you want it to be. Dogs are individuals and there is much in the mix that makes them so. You can't completely discount an element of their make-up just because it doesn't agree with who you want them to be.

  8. I guess that you are going to be left behind in the dog advocacy movement then Marjorie - and for what it's worth - these ideas that you are poo pooing are not my own - people a lot smarter than me have thiyght them up - I merely agree with them and have embraced their ideology.

    Places like the Animal Fatm Foundation , and Dogster also believe in the philosophy

    And please don't be condescending to me, Marjorie - it makes you look very bad. I never thought I'd see something like that from you. It was really disappointing

  9. There are many theories and experts out there regarding dogs and yes things do change and change back again. In regards to this particular private dog park I do believe that before going ahead they did do a survey of potential clients and asked what they wanted in a dog park. Could it just be possible that the ban on pitt bull type breeds is a result of that survey? Is it possible that those who are willing to actually pay for the use of a private park made that choice themselves? If that is the case then I guess the park owners are just trying to meet their paying clients needs and it is not a conspiracy to rid the world of a particular breed.

  10. Marjorie - did you not read my comment above that has a quote from the owner of the park? It all has to do with the owners fear and bias towards the breed - nothing else.

  11. Allison10:38 PM

    I find it interesting that your commenting policy is so obviously made to support your own opinions and interests. Why is it so wrong that these business owners have a policy that support their interests and livelihood?
    I was on the fence about this dog park before I read your post. After reading I was in agreeance with most of what you say. Your complete disregard for Marjorie's point of view (which I find to be well thought out and fair) takes away from any progress that you made in my eyes. You are incorrect in saying that it makes Marjorie look bad. It is you that looks bad in this situation.
    I agree completely that each dog should be treated as an individual. You, for example, should take the time and make the effort to train your dogs based on their individual needs: Teach your human aggressive dog not to be aggressive towards humans. Teach your dog aggressive dog not to be aggressive towards dogs.
    This is what responsible dog owners expect of other dog owners (no matter what the breed) as a matter of safety for all!

  12. Just maybe they are basing their decisions on experience? Best not to make so many assumptions until you get the facts.

    1. Why not assess all dogs ? Surely you don't believe ALL "bully" dogs would not pass their test when assessed ?

  13. 100% agree with Marjorie. Yes, every dog is an individual, but breed characteristics is in every purebred dog's back pocket. And yes, dogs were and still are bred for function. As a sheep farmer why he has Border collies and not beagles; ask a hunter why he has a pointer or setter and not an Shih Tzu. Joan you admit that sight hounds have an increased prey drive. Going by your logic, shouldn't they be just like any other dog?
    Denying breeds their breed specific traits is doing them a great disservice and in my opinion is more of a risk to BSL for pit bull type dogs than a private park who decided to exclude them.

  14. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Thanks for writing this. We live in Lower Sackville & were thinking of getting a memebership for our Tosa Inu this comming summer, as she loves other dogs, big or small, and running in open spaces. Her breed is banned in the UK, however when doing research we learned that there were no cases of her breed biting or being violent when they werent banned, and more reported cases of smaller dogs biting. I think this truly shows its is how the dog is raised & trained. We made sure when we got her as a pup to constantly bring her to off leash parks, there she learned how to interact with other dogs, she realizes how to play differently with small dogs apose to larger breeds, and she learned to listen on command when we tell her to stop, stay, or come. She also learned to interact with other humans walking their dogs. Now, when we take her to off leash trails she walks right by, unless the dog owner talks to her then she is happy to come say hi, sniff, & make friends. She is 120 lbs of pure joy. One time we took her to a trail with leashes, and as we walked by a woman and her boxer she yelled from a distance "keep that dog to one side" I couldnt help but notice she didnt say this while passing smaller dogs.

    I understand that some people have personal issues with certian breeds due to common traits, but to open a dog park that is breed specific is just wrong. Everytime we walk our dog we get glares like she is going to jump them, and she walks right by. I for one will not be supporting this park, and I will also make it clear to friends we've made at the dog park.

  15. Well I won't be bringing my dog to this park, I also feel dogs should not be discriminated against...even though this post and the comments harp on greyhounds and their high prey drive. I have a greyhound with a high prey drive for racing, but he has only ever been attacked by smaller dogs in off leash parks - so you can't judge a book...

  16. Anonymous1:24 PM

    It's not only an "insurance issue", the owner's wife hates the bully breed.

    I will take my lapdog-pitbull to FREE off-leash parks.