Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

I hope everyone is having a happy Christmas 2012. The dogs are keeping me busy which is good - this Christmas is very hard for me - it's the first one without my father - my life completely revolved around him and I lost him this year - so things are very different in my house right now.

Tonight I went around took a couple pictures of the very few things that I left in place, that I couldn't bear to remove of the things that reminded me of my Dad -

This chair holds the socks and tshirt that I removed from my Dad the last night that he came from the facility that he had moved to when he couldn't stay with me anymore - which is where he stayed the last 4 months of his life - but he used to come home some weekends - about 2 weeks before he died he came home - and these are the socks and tshirt he was wearing when he arrived - I just cannot bear to disturb them.

This is on the top shelf of his old bedroom - I know I'll never use these - but I just can't bring myself to throw them out.

And of course his shampoo and shower gel will remain in the shower forever.

I hope 2013 brings me and the dogs new positive experiences. 2012 was a bad year from beginning to end. I had family members steal large amounts of money, I was sick all year, work sucked, the person most important to me died, and I had no friends.

Thank dog Christmas comes only once a year to remind us how entirely crappy our lives are. I'm not the wallowing type, so I don't do it very well.


  1. Joan, you have had a very challenging and heart breaking year and I sincerely hope everything improves on all fronts for you in 2013. In times of earthshaking transitions you really find out who your real friends are and for the most part they usually tend to have fur.

  2. My "annus horribilus" was 2004. Dog died. Cat died. Hubby asked for divorce. Dog died (another one) I moved. Dad died. Then, while I was away with my daughter on a post-divorce holiday trip I let my brother stole and crashed my car.

    So I know what you mean about the sucky year.

    Friends are really important. You need to consciously get into situations where you can find/make friends.

    I find Christmases hard since mom and dad died. I downplay them as much as possible and make new traditions. I go for a walk to Rainbow Haven on Christmas Day.

    All the best for a happier New Year !