Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Catching up with some photos

Here are some photos of the dogs to catch up on since I haven't posted in the last couple of months - I've also got a new foster dog - Buster - who came up from Cape Breton who's got some health problems that we're not sure how serious they are at the moment - so we're not sure if he's going to be adoptable or not - but he sure is cute.

Bubby looking smart

Sassy asking to be picked up onto the couch

Sassy and Bubby ON the couch!

This is Buster - isn't he pretty? He's supposed to be a jack russell mix
This is Buster with Sassy - Sassy really likes Buster because he still has his bits and pieces!

This is Bubby and Sidney asking why this horrible flash is going off inside the house!

Sassy showing us all her 4 teeth
Buttercup chillaxin'
This is Buttercup directly after she had just had a deep smell of Sassy's ass - she was intoxicated!

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  1. Boy your pack gets ever bigger ... Buster is lucky you were there to take him in ...

    Thanks for being there too for the pitties ...