Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Introducing Sidney!

Here is the newest addition to the Dogkisser family - Sidney - he's a littermate of Bubby

He came from the same puppy mill in Cape Breton as Bubby and suffered the same fate - was bought from the puppy mill until he was 6 months old so therefore isn't socialized to humans at all - and he has the added problem of having skin problems
Judging by his vet records though - he had a horrible vet who wasn't very interested in actually healing him - he was only interested in making money - so I think his skin problems are going to resolve pretty easily with a good healthy diet
He is an interesting counterpoint to Bubby - he doesn't bark nearly as much - but he's a much rougher player, and is more interested in playing with me than with the other dogs - I suppose that comes from being in a human only household for almost a year - but he'll get used to Bubby pretty soon - that's why I got him - to be a companion for Bubby - so I think it's going to work out on that level - they are both following each other around pretty much all the time
If you can't tell - the first picture in this post was Sidney - and this picture is Bubby! You'll be able to tell them apart eventually - Bubby looks like the class clown and Sidney looks like a poet and is quite delicate in person!

Buttercup of course HATES him - but hopefully she'll come around - here she is rolling in something on the lawn oblivious to the other dogs around her - but at least she isn't attacking anyone here - she's been attacking the other dogs for some reason.

She hasn't been feeling well at all lately - I had to the vet a couple weeks ago and her thyroid is super low - we tried putting her on thyroid drugs and she had a bad reaction to them - so we took her off and are going to try something else, or a lower dose - so Buttercup is in a bad spot right now. At 18 years old I think she is feeling her age, she is sleeping almost all the time right now. Poor Buttercup.


  1. Those 3 pups are beautiful. Buttercup at her age probably just wants a little peace and quiet. Once we had an older dog like that (Bridget) and it seemed like the new ones we got have her another lease on life and we saw her liven up a bit. Bet Sidney will soon come around even more especially with your love and the healthy diet and care he will get. Bless you for adopting!!

  2. Congratulations on your new pup Joan. I really don't know how you tell them apart. I hope Buttercup gets her medical issues sorted out soon.

  3. They are lucky to have you ...