Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sidney was being fostered in Lunenburg County - which I have subsequently found out is loaded down with ticks - and since I got him on Sunday I have pulled these 3 ticks off him. Poor Sidney - I hope he doesn't get lyme disease.

His foster Dad had lyme disease last year - so the ticks on their property do carry lyme disease - whenever I pull a tick off the dog I always send them in to the department of Natural Resources - when I first found out about ticks I created a page about them on my Charlie loves Halifax page which lays out everything you need to know about what to do.

I found the first tick on Sunday, the 2nd tick on Tuesday, then the 3rd tick I found today - which is the huge tick you see in the photo - so it was full of blood. I feel so bad for Sidney - I also feel bad for the ticks, because they were all alive when I pulled them off - so they are still alive in that little plastic baggie - slowly dying - I don't know how to kill them so that they won't be compromised for their testing - and Sidney is more important than they are. Sorry, ticks.

I found a good website at that has good photos of ticks and the rash you should look out for if you've got lyme disease - click on the pdf file "Ticks in the City"

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