Friday, September 16, 2011

Pet Reliquary's

I have been looking for a piece of jewelry to memorialize Charlie and Daisy - what's called a reliquary and a pet reliquary specifically.

When you google the term, surprisingly very little comes up that is actually a nice piece of jewelry, is a memorial that doesn't include sending away some of your dogs ashes and isn't a thousand bucks.

I was so happy and Excited when I saw this necklace which is also a pet or human reliquary on Etsy. I think it's brilliant, beautiful and a lovely piece of art to wear around my neck.

It's also a lovely tribute to Charlie and Daisy - the artist Gretchen stamped and sent me at no extra charge inserts for both their names as well as my Dogkisser logo because she was touched by their love and life story.

I think it was just so nice of her to do that - when you look at her other stuff you can see what an excellent artist she is.

You can find her work at

Ps - the reason why the reliquaries with Cremains in them were not suitable for me was because Charlie and Daisy's urns are sealed and unavailable to me - so those types of jewelry were not a viable option.

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  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    I wish I had seen these lovely reliquaries when I needed them. Instead, in my deep grief, I paid for the one Lisa Havelin makes. It is so heavy it's not wearable and it seems cold and impersonal.