Friday, September 16, 2011

Flexi Leashes and Councilor Dog Experts

So it appears that Gloria McClusky likes the Toronto dog bylaw. That's a real shame if she wants to imitate that bylaw here. It is a super shitty bylaw. We'd be taking a real step back if almost any part of that bylaw comes to the HRM. You can go read it - here -

She is quoted as saying that in a CBC news article, amongst other places.

The Toronto bylaw includes -
- There is a 3 dog limit.
- There is a provision if you want to tie your dogs outside - meaning that it's perfectly legal and okay to keep your dogs chained outside 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
- All decisions are made by the "Executive director" - not by a judge - so it's no better than our bylaw where all decisions are made by an animal controll officer;
- They have a spay and neuter clinic and it's specifically for animals owned by the city - no one else;
- They have that "leash law" where you can't walk a dog on anything longer than a 2 metre leash.

So let's get into that a little bit. I own short leashes for the dogs, and I own flexi leashes for the dogs - I walk the dogs under all kinds of conditions.

I walk them downtown, I walk them in quiet neighbourhoods, I walk them at public events, I walk them in the woods, I walk them on trails, I walk them from the cart to the house - and in all those circumstances - they have different leashes.

When I walk them downtown, at public events - they wear shorter leashes so that they don't get wrapped around people and poles - and they each have their own leash.

In the woods they are off-leash having a great time.

On trails, and in quiet neighbourhoods they wear individual flexi-leads so that they can still get good exercise - they run from tree to tree sniffing and I can walk a steady pace - there's no one around - it works out perfectly.

From the car to the house and back, and to the vet - where we aren't covering any distance -they were a 2 dog leash - for convenience sake.

I know when and where to wear which leash - because I am a savvy dog owner - and I think it's ridiculous for Councillor McClusky to make a statement like "She also wants leashes limited to 2 metres in length and retractable leads prohibited because, she said, they don't people enough control over their pets".

I'd like to know when Ms. McClusky became an expert on the proper conveyanc of dogs from one place to the next. Or maybe it was just a couple people saying to her "and ban those damn flexi leads - they're nothing but a hassle!"

If that's all it takes to get something banned in this city - we are doomed.

What scientific papers did she read to have her come to this conclusion that flexi leads don't give people control over their pets? And what if I use my flexi lead and keep it locked at 6 feet - will I still be fined?

I actually own a flexi lead that only extends to 6 feet - will this lead also give me a fine? That is the ridiculousness of that statement.

So long story short - we should just be lookng a lot closer for our good bylaws - NOT places like Toronto. We don't need 3 dogs limits and instructions on how to chain out your dogs.

Once again I put Parrsboro, and Windsor out as good bylaws and places to start if you're looking at refocusing your bylaw - staff of the HRM. And simply tightening up the bylaw you currently have - take the power away from your animal control officers and put it in the hands of judges - stiffen your finnes, keep your dangerous dog legislation - and enforce it - and we will all be happy.

what's so horrible about that?

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  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Your posting on leash laws and your use of leashes reminds me of 2 encounters I had with dog owners and leashes (or lack there of) in the 90s while in university:
    I still have scars on both ankles from a long, retractible leash that was flying behind and whipping back and forth behind a small-mid sized dog going full tilt down Jubilee Rd early one Sunday morning. The leashed dog wanted at an off-leash dog that was across the street and about a half a block away. The small girl walking him/her couldn't control/hang onto the leash. The dog crossed the street and came my way and I tried to jump out of the way but not quite in time or far enough and the leash caught me as it whipped past. (I didn't know I was cut until I got to my destination.) The man with the off leash dog lit into the girl- on my way past I reminded him I saw the whole thing and that he was breaking the law by not having a leash on his animal. The girl was shaken up. My destination that morning was church and I didn't recognize the girl until a week afterwards as the daughter of another member. I never said anything, maybe I should have.

    Another time, again early on a Sunday morning, I was walking down Elm and a larger dog came out of a house ran up behind me and chomped down on my raincoat. The teenager called the dog back and said sorry. I was a bit shaken and had to get to- wait it was church again!- so I kept going and told my mom later in the day. She actually went to the house and spoke to the mother and the teen. The teen said I had meat in my pocket which attracted the dog. I had been coming from my boyfriend's house and hadn't eaten a thing yet that morning, and my pockets were empty and trust me, he didn't have money meat for in his house let alone my pocket. My mom's concern was that it could have been my butt or a small child or an elderly person that would have been knocked down and hurt. They offered money for the raincoat but she refused- it wasn't about the old crappy raincoat it was about controling your dog (and not making lame meat excuses).

    Thanks for letting me share. I appreciate your blog, photos, thoughts and love for all dogs.