Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today's First Annual Nova Scotia Bully Expo

Today was the first Annual Nova Scotia Bully Expo and me and Bubby went to set up a table for Advocates for Responsible Dog Owners to spread the good word about being a good dog owner.

I unfortunately didn`t take my good camera and took the shittiest pictures that I think I`ve ever taken at a dog function before - which is really too bad because there were a lot of really beautiful dogs there. It was a really good day - Bubby and one old english bull dog puppy were the only non pit-bull type dogs in the whole room - and everybody got along - everybody there were great ambassadors for their breed - and there was every size and shape of pit bull type dog there - and every size and shape of pit bull type dog owner there too.
I hope that there is a 2nd bully expo next year - and I hope that next year there are actual vendors there selling stuff, and there are pit bull rescues there advertising what they do. Today there were exactly 4 tables there - me, Nova Scotia Lost Dogs, Wyse photos, and the breeder "Compacta-a-bullies" - which was the organizer's own breeding business - other than that no one had the balls to actually come and participate in the function for fear that something bad might happen, which was too bad.
There were lots of kids there, adults, dogs - it was perfectly fine - and a lot of the dogs there were unneutered, which was unfortunate - but even still - the owners had control of their dogs - which is the ultimate sign of a responsible dog owner.

"Train, contain, socialize" - if you can do all that - there's no problem, right? That is the mantra of the community.

I think the event could be a great event - on par with the greyhound expo if the organizers wanted it to be that big - even having a weight pull and things like that - today they had a little competition for confirmation - but with a little work it could be a really super day.

CBC News did a little write up about the event - which was nice - here it is -

Pit bull owners polish dog's image
Pit bull owners and their pets gathered at Cole Harbour Place on Saturday in a bid to change the public's perception of the controversial canines.

"This is something I've been thinking about doing for a long time now," said Jerrico Gray, co-ordinator of the Bully Expo and Fun Show. "I travel back and fourth through the States with my own dogs, entering them in various different shows, so I thought, why not trying to put something on here."

The expo, attended by more than 100 people, was a chance for pit bull owners to meet one another and to learn about responsible ownership.

Gray said he hopes this will become an annual event.

"I've had dogs all my life. I used to breed German shepherds a long time ago and once I started with the pit bulls, I've been at them since. So I'd say for about the last 20 years I've been breeding these dogs."

Advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership and Nova Scotia Lost Dogs Network also attended the event.


  1. I had other stuff on the go today which is why Ador-A-Bull didn't go. I have to admit I was also worried about how the breed would be portrayed.

    I am glad the event was successful and if they do plan one for next year we will definitely be in attendance.

  2. Maybe next year Dogs In Gear can go as a vendor. Does the Bully Expo have a website or Facebook group? I didn't even know about this until you posted about yesterday. Glad it went well!

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    The organizer has a website at - that you could contact him through - I think your products - - would be an awesome fit for the day - there'd be nothing cuter than a pit bull pulling a scooter, and they're a super high energy dog, so it'd be a good job for them!