Monday, August 8, 2011

My first attempt at making a rope chew toy

This is my first attempt at making a rope chew toy for Bubby - it took about an hour to make from an old sheet - ripped pieces braided up and then I put knots in it - I hope he likes it when he wakes up in the morning.

Hopefully it will slow down his ingestion of toilet paper, cardboard, wood, and any other thing that he can wrap his jaws around - I find his pica fascinating - as they used to say on Codco - I am horrified, but at the same time titillated.

Canine adolescence is all consuming - and we are just entering it - we've got another 2 or so years to go - at least. Oh yay.


  1. Joan, if he is teething etc. Take a face cloth and wet it and twist it. Put it in the freezer then give it to him when frozen. It might help if his gums are bothering him.

    Love the rope chewy! I hope Bubby finds it really interesting!

    Nells went through the destructive chew phase until 17months. I thought it would NEVER end ..but thankfully it did. Bubby will get through it too!

  2. Totally understand! Our foster babies love cardboard, pee pads, etc. It's a challenge...
    M made braided chew toys out of fleece. they like those.