Monday, May 30, 2011

Win a year's supply of pet food

I am an unabashed lover of Global Pet Stores - they don't sell live animals, they sell high quality pet food, their staff know their stuff when you talk to them about food - and the Bayer's Lake store's manager is one of my best friend's daughter! haha!

So when I got an email today about the fact that they're having a contest that you can win a year's supply of pet food - I figured it was a no-brainer that I'd pass on the good news here.

Here's the email I got today -

"Global Pet Foods just launched the Pet Foodie Quiz-to find out your pet’s “Foodie Personality.” It’s a fun quiz and Jim Walker-The Pet Nutrition Coach also offers nutrition tips.

Everyone who takes the quiz is entered to win a $750 gift certificate to Global Pet Foods. Four winners will be selected and the contest runs from May 30-July 2nd. Here’s the link

As well, Global is running a promo where you can Text “Foodie” to 95871 to get a coupon for 
20% off at Global Pet Food Stores."

As well - here's the link to Global Pets on Facebook - since we're all on Facebook now too - and here's the link to the Global Pet's store in the HRM -  

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