Friday, April 15, 2011

Bella has been found! Lost Greyhound in North End Halifax - Bella/Passport

Bella has been found!! She has hypothermia but otherwise is fine - she was found by a fire fighter and is at the vet now - yay!!!! She's got some torn pads and is receiving fluids and is staying there overnight - so she was missing almost exactly one week.

GPAC has announced that - There will also be a Meet and Greet and BBQ for Bella and for all the volunteers, searchers, social media members, GPAC members, and all the media participants in the near future. As soon as Bella is all better, and her Mom Anna says it's OK, we will schedule a date and send out invitations. This will be announced on the Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada facebook page.

So stay tuned for that!


There is a very large search going on tonight for a greyhound in the Hydrostone area of Halifax - her name is Bella - but she might answer to the name of Passport - she has been missing since Monday - and was last seen Devonshire at around 2pm.

She still has her collar and lead on her. Please call her owner at 292-3314 or her cell phone at her cell is 483-2975 if you find her or even see her.

The urgent thing is that this rescue Greyhound came in on this past Saturday so she's absolutely NEW to the area - she is probably completely afraid and shell-shocked.

She is listed on the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network - and also has an ad on Kijiji if you need more information - here's hoping that she gets home safely - quickly.


  1. Thanks for posting Joan - this girl needs all our help! Paws crossed for her safe return - her newly adopted mother so wants her HOME.

  2. A greyhound friend asked me to write a post specifically for Bella - so when asked - I had to do it - I hope she gets home safe and sound soon - tonight would be perfect!

  3. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Still praying for Bella's (Passport's)safe return home. Any updates or recent sightings?

  4. No, she hasn't been found yet - but they've formed a facebook group dedicated to her if you want to keep udpated - it's at!/pages/Help-find-Bella-the-Greyhound/211772602181809?sk=info

  5. Janice1:06 PM

    Our prayers were answered, love & hugs for Bella as she recovers.