Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blog Posting

I am totalling biting at the bit - you could say, to write posts about the proposed new bylaw in Yarmouth that would make dogs like this beautiful dog Greta - fierce and dangerous - and also write a post about what I experienced on Thursday at the Urban Animal Summit - and also what happened at the NS SPCA Annual General Meeting today - but unfortunately yesterday I had my eyes "lasered" yesterday - I went from being almost completely blind without my vision correction - to having almost perfect vision - except for the fact that everything is really foggy, and I am having problems staring at the computer screen.

So my blog posting is going to have to wait for one more day I guess. My long term vision will probably thank me.

Check back tomorrow night or Monday morning and there will probably be a bunch of junk that really, is just nonsense.


  1. Holy crap they are proposing to muzzle EVERY pit bull and rottie in all of yarmouth? What a knee jerk foolish reaction.

  2. I know - and a 2 dog limit - but it bans chaining dogs outside and has other good stuff - so it is a really, really weird bylaw - that's for sure.