Friday, March 11, 2011

Website names representative about having fun with dogs in the HRM

I'm thinking about changing the name of "Charlie loves Halifax" to something else - Charlie is really old - and he doesn't get out much anymore, and I'm having a hard time updating the website because I don't have any current photos of him having a good time out having fun in the city because he's pretty much housebound because his arthritis has gotten so bad that he has problems just getting up and down the stairs to the back yard - I hate to say that as each day goes by I watch him fading a bit more - and I don't know even how much longer he's going to be with me and it's killing me a little bit.

But back to the practical matter of the website - I have always known that at some point I would have to transition it over to some other name, because there would come a time when Charlie wouldn't be around any more to "love Halifax" - but now that that time has come - I can't figure out what else to call the site.

I own several domain names - I own, I own, and and .com - so I could use anyone of those domain names - but they just seem so impersonal.

I don't know - if you have any suggestions - please let me know - because I do have to change it - I'm having a writers block at working on the site because of it, so it's got to be changed


  1. Halifax is for the Dogs
    Halifax -- for the Dogs
    Joan's all-about-dogs Blog
    Joan's -- for the Dogs Blog
    Halifax (dogs) unleashed
    Scotian Dogs
    Halifax -- at the end of my leash

    OK Joan, that's all I can think of for now. I'm sorry Charlie is finding it harder to get around. It's sad how fast they grow old. He's been so lucky to be your dog. Remember that.


  2. Halidogs




    OK.. I suck at this.. LOL

    Joan, How is Charlie doing? Capture the moments and keep them close.


  3. I know exactly how you feel, Joan, and my heart is with you.
    How about something like Charlie's Legacy? With somewhere putting dog in it. Not quite clear but I'll do some thinking. Since it was Charlie's site, I think his name should live on.
    Hugs for sweet Charlie.

  4. I totally agree with Silvia - Charlie should be always remembered - and honoured. I Still like the original name ... hugs to Charlie!

  5. Yes, Janet, I like the original name too, even once Charlie is gone. He is there is spirit and started it all.
    Heather, you're not suck at it - I really like all your suggestions, but really love Dogifax.

  6. I like Dogifax because I immediately think Halifax + Facts ....

    Charlie loves Dogifax

    Charlie's Dogifax

  7. or .com

  8. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I love your blog Joan, and I don't think it matters what it's called...we'll all keep reading it!
    Sorry to hear Charlie is not doing well. My dog is almost 14, and also has arthritis. She was to the point where her hips gave out several times a day and she just fell to the broke my heart to watch her, and I was thinking I would have to let her go soon. Then my vet suggested Cartrophen Vet shots...and what a difference!! Her hips don't give out any more, and she actually runs again!