Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Global Pets Raises $100,000 for Rescue & New Pet Stores Open up in HRM - Pet Valu

Philanthropic Pet stores that sell good product are so important to our community - and Global Pets have been very good to the pet community since they opened up in the HRM.

Every fund raising dog event I've ever gone to has always had some product that's been donated by Global Pets - so whenever I get the chance to talk positive about Global, I do - and I also do it because they don't sell live animals, and they sell high quality food, and sell a lot of Canadian products as well.

In the last couple of weeks they've had a campaign called "Show Us Your Heart" - and they raised an amazing $100,000 for homeless animals across Canada. I think that's awesome.

"From February 12-19 Global Pet Foods and Hill’s® Science Diet® asked
Canadian pet parents to Show their Hearts to homeless pets by making a
donation at their local Global Pet Foods store- or through PayPal. Global Pet Foods and Hill’s® Science Diet matched each $1 donation. All proceeds went to a local animal shelter, which were personally selected by each Global Pet Foods’ store owner."

Here in the HRM - the monies raised went to greyhound rescue.

I think it's particularly important to make sure that Global's good works get mentioned - because there's a new franchise of pet stores set to open - with the first one already opened up on Spring Garden Road - and I went to check it out today - they're called "Pet Valu" pet stores.

They're aimed straight at Global Pets clientele. I personally think - as a dog owner - that there is enough space for all of the pet stores who sell high quality dog food and high quality dog items - the only stores that will suffer will be stores like Pet's Unlimited - because people are looking for a reason to NOT shop there - and not they have a reason not to shop there.

When I was there today - they have brands of super premium kibble that Global doesn't have - so I think it's a good sign - it's a win-win - dog owners have just been given MORE to choose from. YAY!

So I think it's great that they've opened - just as long as people don't forget about the wonderful small boutique stores in town that we have - like Bark & Fitz, Brenda's Dog Dudz out in Lower Sackville, 3 Dog Bakery over in Dartmouth Crossing, the 2 Best Friends stores, the Doggy Bakery Treatery out in Enfield, Tailwagrrs, B&R's, Petstuff on the Go on Pleasant Street in Dartmouth - along with the local online retailers as well.

There are a lot of dogs and cats in the HRM, and a lot of owners who want to spend money on them - they just need to to be provided with the products that they want to buy - and success is pretty much guaranteed - if our doggy day cares are taking in 100 dogs a day like they are, and are sprouting up everywhere and pet stores are opening up like they are - the need is there - I only wish HRM bureaucrats would understand that and respond accordingly with city services!


  1. I'm excited to check out Pet Valu! I think they're planning on a Dartmouth location too.

    I'm a huge fan of Global for all the reasons you've mentioned, plus the fact that they have really knowledgeable staff. Also, when I was the program coordinator for the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program, they were really supportive of the program and the volunteers. Global is good!

  2. There's a pet valu opening/opened near me here in New Minas .. I am so excited! All we have here in the Valley is Pets Unlimited and Global.

  3. I was really happy when Global Truro opened its doors cause till then there was only Pets Unlimited. You are correct, the more choice people have, the more it hopefully will take business away from PU.

  4. Pet Valu and Global have been in the same market in Ontario for at least over a decade. I actually think that type of competition only makes it better for the consumer.

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I go to Pets Unlimited because of my gecko I've had for 17 years - PU is the only place that has quality live crickets for her to eat. If Global Pets sold that sort of thing I'd gladly give them business though! I use Global for my dog and kitty needs. On the brighter side, the Burnside location of PU no longer sells puppies - they've converted that area into a DIY dog wash. Thanks for your blog - as a new dog owner & new to NS I appreciate all the information you take the time to share with us.

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