Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From the mouths of Babes, Or Zeuses

I just got an email from the owner of Zeus - you know - the dog that Zonda MacIsaac kept in a cage for almost 4 years in her "rescue" - he had just read my post and watched her performance on W5 - this is his response.

I think it's entirely appropriate.

Zeus is looking beautiful by the way! Yay! If only W5 had learned the whole story about Celtic Pets when they did their piece.


  1. Awesome - hooray for Zeus and his dad. :)

  2. rottnmom11:26 PM

    Well said, Zeus!
    Hope it all comes back to bite her in the ass......made me want to woof my cookies.
    Your buddy behind bars,

  3. I know that Jackie's box of ashes almost fell off the shelf that it's on he was rolling over in his grave so bad while we were watching the episode - so he was right there with you guys!

  4. to all the survivors of Zonda's ABUSE - dog love ya and Joan - so glad Jackie had you close by ...and that his final years were with you!

  5. Kelly Atchison8:48 PM

    THAT is AWESOME!!!