Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today's walk for the Whistler 100 in Halifax

So today was the walk in memory for the 100 dogs in Whistler who were killed last year - and almost 100 people and their dogs showed up - a fabulous turn out I'd say on a weekend when there was a kennel club show and the Canada Games going on at the same time!
We all converged on the Halifax Commons at 1pm today and let the dogs hang out for a little while and took some pictures - it was a perfect day - and all the dogs got along great.

CBC did a little write up - which is at the bottom of this post -

Every breed of dog was there, along with every breed of human (!) - so it was all good - and everybody was dressed appropriately - although at least one person - yes, it was Janet! Thought that the walk was too long for her bad back! But she prevailed and soldiered on for the sake of the sled dogs - yay Janet!
There is a paper petition that has been started to change the criminal code of Canada in regards to animal cruelty laws - because that was part of the reason why we walked today - the criminal code of Canada has not changed for animals since 1892 - and that needs to change - so everyone there today signed the petition - and if you too want to sign the petition - you can go to Bark & Fitz on Doyle Street in Halifax - and sign the petition there.

If you feel moved enough to print out your own copy of the petition to have signatures filled out and pass it in - you can print a copy out at - and follow the directions there.

Here's a couple photos of the walkers coming up Cogswell towards the triangle.

Everybody was looking very powerful at this point I'd say - this was at the end of the walk - so they were all feeling like they were representing the dogs pretty well.
This is Cara and Aspen respresenting
Someone is feeling very beautiful
This is Sirius - a few of you may remember a black toy poodle who was lost near Quinpool last year - who was the pet of the groomer at Bark & Fitz who was eventually found in someone's back yard a few days after he'd gone missing? This is him. What a lucky boy he is, eh? A tribute to the power of not giving up.
A beautiful great dane who was saying hello to my camera
A very stoic - what I hope is a brindle boston terrier - and very cute
This guy's name was Bronson - he loved the camera - and loved it when you said his name, too!
And last, but very not least - is Scotia!!

The CBC news article -

Halifax dog owners walk against cruelty

About 100 dog owners gathered on the Halifax Common on Sunday to show their support for the 100 dogs that were ordered killed by a Whistler, B.C., business operator almost a year ago.

The dog owners circled the Common, a very public spot, with hundreds of people attending events at the Canada Games speedskating oval.

Last year in Whistler, a sled-dog company destroyed 100 dogs after demand for its dog-sledding business dropped when the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games ended.

"It's in memory of the dogs but more importantly to raise awareness against animal cruelty and to hopefully get the laws changed so that something like that won't happen again," said Kim Stoodley, one of the walk's organizers.

Walks were being held in other parts of the country as well, and more are scheduled for next week.

Christine Greening, who helped organize the Halifax walk, was impressed with how quickly people gave their support to the cause.

"Animals are individuals too, they're just not human," Greening said. "So when they don't have the voice and education that we have to make this change, we have to do it for them. That's just the bottom line."

All of the dogs in the walk wore red ribbons in memory of the slain huskies.

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