Monday, February 14, 2011

Lost Dog in the Robie Street area of Halifax - Crudo

I received an email from the owner of a dog named "Crudo" - that went missing yesterday - he's gone missing from the Robie Street area of Halifax and the man is worried that his dog is stolen - so he's desperate to find him.

If you see this dog - please email Mike at - or contact the police - that would be fabulous - I'm sure Crudo's owner is climbing the walls and doing everything he can right now to find him. You can also contact him through his kijji ad.

Below is a video of his dog - and he's offering a reward for his return


  1. Hi Joan, Good of you to do this.

    Can you let us know when he finds his dog please.

    What a beautifully trained dog.


  2. Joan CRUDO is HOME - safe and sound ... seems someone found him and had him - and I presume they saw his poster and returned him. Glad there is a happy ending to this story!

  3. Super! I love happy endings.