Friday, February 18, 2011

I am currently suffering from a serious case of existential ANGST, so until I am cured from this malady - my blogging deportment, as one of my detractors likes to call my typing style - will not be publishing.



  1. OH NO ... will miss your posts - was wanting to hear about the legal talk you went to. Hope it was interesting and informative.

  2. Existential angst !

    Luckily I know the cure.

    I prescribe a dose of puppies.

    Lie on the floor and allow several puppies to run wiggling, nipping and licking over your head. Putting your hands over your face and rolling from side to side that excites them more. You start to laugh and that raises the puppy craziness level to Defcon 4.

    If that doesn't work -- hang on -- spring is around the corner.

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Please know we will miss you, hope you get out of your funk soon

    Donna and Santana