Sunday, December 26, 2010

Halifax, Where's your tacky?

Tonight I went out driving around looking for houses that were decorated up for Christmas - and I didn't find a lot that were really outlandish and crazy like you see on television down in the States. I remember when I was a kid driving around at Christmas time to look at people's houses that were decorated - but it seems like that tradition has died out now maybe? I don't know. Maybe I live in the wrong part of HRM - these were some of the craziest houses I could find - and they weren't all that crazy - this first house was funny because it was half of a duplex - and the other half was completely bare.
This second house was on the corner of Connaught and Jubilee and lots of people were stopping and parking and getting out of their cars to have a look
There were even other people there with their cameras taking pictures

All four sides of the house were decorated
Even the kid's tree house was decorated
I wonder though if there was a big feud with whoever kid's room this is - to take down the flag that' used as a curtain in this room "just for Christmas" - so that the front of the house would look better and more Christmasy - and the kid won the fight!

This is a couple shots of a house in the deep south end
The house was on Inglis Street - even rich people can be tacky
This house was in the north end of Halifax
This house was in Flemming Park
This house is right next door to me - and amazingly - somehow they are able to keep this Santa inflated continuously - it's the first time I've seen this happen - whenever I've seen these elsewhere - they're always deflated.
When I saw this decoration on the front of a house - I knew I had the cover for my Christmas card next year - EXCELSIOR! Lobster traps used as Christmas decorations! I could not believe it - how BEAUTIFUL!
I took a few photos of this, you can believe that. These people must be very classy! I almost knocked on their door to tell them how much I loved their decorations! Super!

And as soon as I finished taking these photos - I knew it was time to come home, which I did.


  1. Hi Joan, we've got a couple of duelling houses across from each other on Hornes Rd. here in Eastern Passage. One even has an FM channel that you can tune your car radio to for the sycronized music !

    How do you manage to get such good shots of the lights ? Got an SLR ?

    Happy New Year !

  2. Jeez - I thought they were very shitty pictures! haha! I've got a Canon D40 DSLR - so - compared to what other people can do with the same camera - they are actually really shitty photos! I wonder how long they keep their lights up - if I could get over there in time before they take their decorations down...