Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas eve at the Canine Casbah

Christmas eve involved lobster at the Canine Casbah - fun was had by all involved - except for the lobster of course!
This is Sassy - who emerged from her blanket cocoon for a moment to let everyone know that a human had entered the living room and needed to be barked at.
And Since I was at the Canine Casbah - I knew there'd be a couple orchids I could take photos of -
And I was not disappointed - I found two of them - I'm sure there were more there, but since it was Christmas - I only had the chance to find 2 orchids - so here they are
Here's one of the lobster's we had for supper, getting ready to test out the water - I think he was about to find out that the water was a bit too warm for his liking And boy - did he taste good!
This is a shot from my vantage point of Janet's dining room
This is Maximo absconding a toy that I had brought over for the dogs to try out that I had received from someone at Shopper's Drug Mart - I guess they have a new line of toys - and they must be passing out free ones to people to try out, so they sent me a couple ones, and since my guys only like stuffed toys I figured Janet's guys would go for these ones that are of the hard plastic and rope type - and they did love them.
This is my dog away from home - Paxton - I love Paxton
And this is me - pretending like I enjoy Christmas!

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  1. BAH HUMBUG ... "And this is me - pretending like I enjoy Christmas!" - liar liar pants on fire by the way you snorfed back your lobster, and the fun of giftees and Paxton cuddlin in your arms ... I think you do like Christmas and it was great to have you and Coleen over to celebrate FRIENDSHIP !!! thanks for coming - I am still STUFFED ... and we never made it to desert what
    with the 'hors doors', ceasar salad, garlic bread and BUTTER - OY VEY eh winka