Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vetcetera Dog Wash August 21, 2010

So I didn't get to the Vetcetera SPCA/Pick of the Litter Dog Wash that was happening last weekend in Bedford, but my friend Pat did - and she let me use some of the pictures she took to show all the fun everybody had that me and Buttercup didn't have - so I'm posting them here! This is Pat's dog Teddy that she recently adopted from the Lillian Albion shelter in Amherst with Kelly Welsh, Inge Sadler, and Pat's husband - cooing over Teddy - I think Teddy is trying to say that he's the new dog in town and he's ready to take over!
This little 4 month old puppy is just the cutest thing!
By all accounts the dog wash was a huge success - they had perfect weather - tons of dogs showed up - proceeds went to the SPCA and Pick of the Litter - I don't know what other veterinarian shuts down their clinic for a whole day just so they can raise money for rescue - do you? I think that was just fabulous - and shows great philanthropy on the part of the vets there - they've done that now for several years - I understand they've recently done renovations, so this was also their grand reopening as well.
Here's Inge Sadler again from the cat rescue, Pick of the Litter with a great pyrenee
This greyhound`s name was Lola - who Pat described as the smallest greyhound she`d ever met
The mix of this little dog looks very interesting!
Teddy with his Dad again being king of the world
This was a little dachshund Pat met named Dexter that Pat fell in love with, and I think we can understand why
This is everyone's favourite leonberger Nells getting a bath!
And this is the very informative and educating SPCA travelling show that we get to see at lots of local shows being manned her by Kelly Welsh, the Dartmouth SPCA's manager Kathy Thomas and Kathy's daughter!

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  1. Joan,

    Thanks for putting a pic of the fabulous Ms. Nells up! They did a great job of bathing her and were very gentle and kind with her. GREAT JOB!

    The one thing I did notice was all the great volunteers from the SPCA including STAFF who brought family. Now that is a support! Great to see.

    Also, Inge, (Pick of the Litter) and her husband were there working hard and making things run smoothly too!

    I didnt see anyone from Bide-a-While which was the other rescue benefiting from this event. Somebody said one volunteer was from Bide-a-While. They had no information on their rescue there and it didnt seem like anybody to talk to either.

    Kelly Welsh did a great job of manning the SPCA display and mingling and talking to people and updating us all on what the SPCA has been up to etc.

    I think it is great this Vet is so supportive of rescue.

    Amy McCrae of Sublime Canine will be teaching classes at Vetcetera too!

    Lots of good things going on there!

    Nells and I had a great time at a well organized event.

    Sorry you didnt make it.

    Hopefully you will make it to either the ASDR yard sale or barbecue this weekend.