Thursday, August 26, 2010

Conrad's Beach Today

I love Conrad's Beach and I was over in the area today so I stopped to have a walk
I didn't have the dogs with me - and this was the closest I even got to seeing dogs - there wasn't even anybody at the beach
That's why it's such a great spot - when the weather's shitty, nobody goes there - and it's a huge sand beach - and the dogs can just run and run and run
And there's nobody there...


  1. I absolutely love this beach too, but beware.....even though it looks like no one is there, the Provincial Park Ranger will find you!!! At least, that is what happened to me. :( I had my Aussie there for a Wed morn jaunt in the fog, decided to let him off leash cause no one was there....let him frolic in the waves, have some fun...picked up some garbage while walking the beach, then put his leash back on when ready to leave. All of a sudden, there she was....walking briskly towards me, yelling, "Excuse me, excuse me!!" I then stopped with garbage still in my hand, my dog on a leash. She stated she saw my dog off leash asked me if I read the sign about dogs needing to be on leash. I told her yes I did, but no one was there, except apparently her with her binoculars, far off in the distant fog....She lectured me on a $250.00 fine and something about my dog disturbing the pipers' nesting ground. I had to let her have it! I said, "Funny, I would think humans would also disturb the pipers' nesting grounds while they frolic in the waves and furthermore, leave garbage all over the beach, which I am picking up and you want to fine me $250.00 for letting my dog off leash when no one is here, including no pipers?" She did not know what to I advised next time I will go there with a 30' leash minimum! Enough said. She gave me a verbal warning and I left with my confused-looking aussie and a handful of garbage that was left there by someone other than the sand pipers... haahaa!!! (I just had to get this off my chest) Thanks for the opportunity Joan! : )


  2. I didn't think stuff like that would happen here. Thanks for sharing Rochelle. We had bylaw officers like that in Calgary - who hid behind park benches and bushes to nail dog owners who picked up poop (their dog's and others) and garbage, and whose only crime was to unclip the leash in an on-leash section of the park. Meanwhile early mornings and evenings, before and past bylaw officers working hours, the riffraff arrived, opened the car door and let their dogs run uncontrolled.
    Good for you to make a stand.