Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Local Dog Book - Animal Talk by Joyce Grant-Smith

I got a new book this week - "Animal Talk" by Joyce Grant-Smith - and you'll recognize some names in it.

The byline for the book is "Remarkable connections between animals and the people who love them" - and it's all about people around Nova Scotia interviewed by Joyce who have had special relationships with their companion animals - and they haven't necessarily been dogs or cats.

One of the names a lot of people will recognize is Marni Gent - who Joyce introduces as "the founder of Maritime Animal Rescue" - that gave me a real chuckle - but only a few people who read this blog will understand why, but those who do understand - will also chuckle! But anyway! Her companions that she talked about weren't cats or dogs - they were very typical for Marni - they were chickens! And actually, one chicken in particular - Pearl, "a beautiful hen, who's feathers were a deep blue-black, with a tinge of rust around her eyes and on her breast and her comb was a brilliant red" - not a description that you'd hear very often about something that you typically eat for supper - but something that I can imagine that Marni could wax philosophical about chickens like I could talk about dogs with no problems. And we're all the better for it.

Another person I recognized in the book was Maggie Carruthers - who I've talked about a lot on this blog - she's an animal communicator who I've used a lot with my own dogs - and in the book she talks about her own cat, Flous and her dog Bear - who I actually got to meet once - so that was awesome - I got to have a brush with greatness - I met an animal who was in the book!

Joyce also talks about another animal communicator who I didn't know was an animal communicator - she was at a seminar with Silvia Jay a couple months ago in Mahone Bay and she's an entlebucher breeder - so that's the only way I know her, but now that I know she's also an animal communicator - I'll have to think about her a little differently - Karen Runge - one of her dogs, Sante even has her own category on this blog I love her so much. So it really is a small world. (It's also a good excuse to get some Sante love in too! And who can't use some Sante love on a Tuesday night).

There are a ton of cute little stories in the book, and they're all from local animal owners - from the owners of the Aylesford Zoo, to owners who owned dogs that turned out to be heroes - it's a great little book.

It is having its book launch this weekend at the Hope for Wildlife Society's Open House this weekend - August 29th from 12 to 4pm

They'll be having special activities, an auction and lots of good stuff - so you should go, and pick up the book - I'm sure it's going to be tons of fun!

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  1. Hey there Joan!
    Thanks for your review of the new book by Joyce :) I just got my copy & we share the smile about MAR.
    And thanks, too, for your kind words about my fondness for all animals, be they canine, feline, equine, fish, amphibian, insect or fowl. ALL deserve our utmost respect & care...
    This is a lovely book! As gentle & heartfelt as its author. I hope many will purchase & learn from it.
    NSHS, SPCA & yes, MAR