Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting On

So the house without Jackie is very quiet, he was always a very active and moving dog who kept the other dogs on their toes and mealtimes exciting for everyone because he was always barking, always hungry, always trying to push everyone out of the way - and now there's a big void, even though there's still three dogs here, it's like there's a hole somehow.
We'll get through it I guess, we have to - and a good way to do it is shopping - and I have previously seen "pet reliquaries" - little pieces of jewelry that you can put momentoes of your pets - you can also get them for humans - and wear them as jewelry. They interest me greatly.

I'm thinking about getting one - or four. There's a couple places I've found them - one is very expensive, and Canadian - at a company called "Pacific Urns" - they are super super beautiful. And then there's also a company called "Peternity" that sells a bunch of stuff - they also sell reliquaries that are made out of wood and they're only like $100 or so. I've been following them on Twitter for awhile and they seem like a nice compassionate company.

Jackie will never be replaced, that's for sure - but he might be nice in a piece of jewelry - I know that for Buttercup - if I could turn her into a diamond, or swallow her whole and have her be reborn as a 3rd boob - that would be perfect as far as I'm concerned. I have no idea what I'm going to do when she goes.

Which leads me on to these photos -

On Sunday when I was cleaning up the house - I had swiffered the kitchen floor and picked up the water bowl, and had been going back and forth to the computer all day frigging around with photos of Jackie - so I hadn't put the water bowl back down immediately - and I'm sitting at the computer, and I hear Buttercup give a little whine from somewhere - and I go looking for her - and she is - SITTING IN THE TUB! Because I had picked up the water - and she was thirsty, she had gone and sat in the tub because she figured there'd be water in there. And when she couldn't find any - she started to cry.

How can anyone do any decent mourning when they have a dog like that?

So I immediately picked her up out of the tub, took her to the kitchen, filled the water bowl with fresh water - and let her have a drink of water. And here is her having a drink of water.

Buttercup is a one-in-a-million dog.


  1. Buttercup - Dog love her!!

  2. that was a precious story about Buttercup. i think we all have a soft spot for that lovely lady.