Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great Dog Friendly B&B In Antigonish County

As part of Buttercup and mine's fun filled lobster adventure last week we got to stay at a great dog friendly b&b up in Antigonish County called the "Red Roof Inn" - it was absolutely beautiful there.

I talked about it a little bit in the blog post that I made - the fact that the morning I woke up the place was so perfect there was even a rainbow to greet me - can you believe it!

And the sunset previous was also gorgeous - the b&b is owned by actual, real dog people too - they own and breed "eurasiers" - which I guess is a breed that not too many people are familiar with, I for one am not too familiar with - but they certainly were beautiful dogs - through their website is how you can contact them as well about staying at their b&b - that's how shi-shi this place is!! It's at
The house is absolutely gorgeous and done up perectly, and I don't imagine that when the facility is up and running the way they want it I'll be able to afford to stay there again, so I'm glad I got there while I could!
This is the bedroom me and Buttercup slept in - every room has it's own balcony looking out over the ocean, which was awesome
And this is us having our breakfast, which was whatever we wanted - all done up and completely home made.
This is a shot of a huge fireplace - I'd imagine the b&b is also totally beautiful in the winter time too - so it's probably open all year - so people travelling with your dogs who are looking to completely get away from all the hub-bub - this is definitely a good place to go - because it is WAY out of the way - they also have alpaca's - I don't know what you do with them, but they were very cute!

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  1. I've been there too - absolutely awesome place!