Friday, July 9, 2010

Amazing, Beautiful video from Dogs 4 Point Pleasant Park

I was forwarded a video today by my good friend Maureen that was made by Trent Boswick - the author of the super local blog "Dogs 4 Point Pleasant Park" - it is SUCH a beautiful video! Get the tissues out, it's not sad - so it's not because of that that you'll be crying, it's because it's so well done and true that you'll be sniffling through the whole thing. And I'm sure you'll even recognize a lot of the dogs in it if you're a local dog owner. It also shows the beauty of Point Pleasant Park as well, which is awesome.

Kudo's to Trent Boswick!



  1. 45 seconds. then the tears

  2. Janice - you're going to have to go to Point Pleasant Park so Trent can take some pictures of Guiness and Saige and put them on his website!