Sunday, June 6, 2010

Collateral Damage - aka, it was never about the dog

On Thursday June 3rd, 2010 HRM Animal Services Officer Tim Hamm was fired. It was in direct response to a blog post on Francesca Rogier's blog "Free Brindi" dated Tuesday June 1st titled "In the Margins: AC officer who seized Brindi gives opinion of the situation" in which Francesca published a private email between Tim Hamm and Bob Riley at the bottom of which she wrote "Posted with permission of Bob Riley." - I don't imagine it was with the permission of Tim Hamm.

On April 30, 2010 Judge Alanna Murphy deemed that Brindi would live and that if all conditions were met - that Francesca Rogier might get her dog back. What was the purpose of publishing the private email between Tim Hamm and Bob Riley? What could possibly have been the motivation of Francesca Rogier to use her blog to publish that private email? She wrote at the beginning of the post "Not sure what this means exactly"

Well I'm pretty sure that Francesca knew what she was doing when she published that email. She knew that if she published that private email - that there would be consequences for Animal Services Officer Tim Hamm - and that would make Francesca Rogier very happy.

And I am blown away that Animal Services Manager Andrea MacDonald and Field Operations Supervisor Lori Scolaro would allow themselves to be so easily manipulated by Francesca - they played right into her hands - they did exactly what she wanted them to do - what she's wanted them to do since July 24th, 2008 - she has wanted nothing less than to see him fired since the day he seized Brindi - and she finally got her wish this past Thursday.

And it was her good friend Bob Riley - who she calls "Brindi supporter par excellence" - that was able to deliver the goods for her in the form of that email.

Certainly, Tim Hamm made a bad judgment call in replying to Bob Riley's email - but he was just doing what he probably thought was the right thing at the end of this almost 24 month debacle - I'm sure it's been hell being at the centre of this 3 ring circus, and being harassed not only by Francesca - but by her band of Brindi's Angels - I also feel very badly for the staff at Animal Services and City Hall - what they've had to go through because of this case is unimaginable - nobody signed up for this when they took on their administrative jobs - simply because Francesca Rogier couldn't keep a leash on her dog - and it IS as simple as that.

So - you have to ask yourself - why did Francesca post that email. And if it doesn't fill you with disgust and show you something about the writer of that blog - then you're missing the big picture - Tim Hamm has a wife and 2 children, a couple dogs, - a home, probably 2 vehicles - all in jeopardy now. Because of Francesca Rogier, and I don't imagine she's feeling any guilt.

Vengence is sweet, and very very dirty. And hell lasts a long time. I hope so anyway.


  1. Noticed her post now links to yours. Snarky, I must say.

    What a sad situation overall. No person should hae to lose thier job over an agressive dog that *will most likley* cause harm to another dog one day.

    That was a mean and nasty thing she has done & she will gain nothing by it.

    Any sympathy I may have felt for her situation is now gone.

  2. You are so right it was never about her dog,its been all about her since day one.
    She achieved what she wanted from the courts,now she is going to attack anyone and everyone who disagreed with her.
    I hope that Hamm has a way of appealing,and that he looks at taking legal action against both Her and Bob.
    I am by no means wealthy however I would be prepared to assist in his legal costs against her and bob.

  3. I agree, Dog Lover - I am sincerely hoping that he pursues this with his Union - in getting his job back - if he worked for the Provincial government I am quite sure that he'd get his job back - I hope the Municipal Government's Union is as strong as the Provincial government's Union is in backing their members. That's what we pay union dues for - for cases exactly like this - even if he doesn't go back as an Animal Services officer - he should go back somewhere in the Municipal government, just under a different manager. I wish him luck.

  4. Its time people sue the shit out of Ms. Rogier's ass!