Monday, June 7, 2010

Pedigree Adoption Drive Art Tour Event + Natural Defense Dog Food

Last week I talked about the Pedigree Adoption Drive Art Tour that was going to be at Victoria Park in Halifax this past Saturday - I was planning on going to it, but unfortunately I had to take Jackie to the vet on Saturday - I'll be writing about that in a separate post - but luckily my friend Lisa who has the dogs Delta, Oscar and Brosa DID go to the event - and she is now blogging - and CTV news was there and even got her dog Brosa on camera - yea! So you can read all about it over on her blog at

In an email I received about the day - it said that the program around this campaign that's going across the country has raised over $500,000 for shelters across Canada. This money is used by local shelters to cover the costs of vet care, vaccinations, shelter and food. This year, the makers of Pedigree® are supporting 30 campaign partner shelters, including the Yarmouth SPCA and Cape Breton SPCA, both longstanding partners with the Campaign, and that both of these shelters will receive a $5,000 CDN donation in 2010 to cover operating costs. I'd say that was a good reason for people to go to Victoria Park on Saturday!

I think it's great that Pedigree is spending their money on local shelters across the country this way - $5,000 to shelters like the Yarmouth SPCA and the Cape Breton SPCA makes a big difference in the day to day running of their facilities.

When the Adoption drive was in Toronto they filmed the chalk drawing - and here's a speeded up showing of it - enjoy!

I've also been meaning to write for awhile that back in March Daisy was a test subject for a "Mars Bar" product - who also make Pedigree foods - the new "Natural Defense" line of dog food and treats - and suffice it to say - she did NOT go hungry for many, many weeks - well, she never goes hungry anyway because she's the hungriest dog in the world, so everything is food to her - but she LOVED the Natural Defense food and treats.
Everybody else loved the treats too - Charlie loved the treats - there are 3 different kinds of treats - 2 bone shaped and one kibble type treats
And I could not believe it - but even Buttercup liked the softer bone type treat - and she has been a sworn liver lover for years.

Daisy didn't mind sharing the treats - and in a multi-dog household - you kind of have to - and it's neat with the Natural Defense foods that you have a variety of different choices with the treats - and each of them gives a different chewing experience - which I liked
Buttercup of course could only handle the softer smaller chew treat - but she seemed to really like it -
It was fun trying something out before it was in the grocery stores - and then when I saw it in the stores, that was a bit of a thrill - I have no idea how I was picked to be a try-out home, but I'm glad Daisy and I were asked.
The ingredients in the dog food and the treats aren't too bad for grocery store foods if your dog is healthy - that's why I picked Daisy out of the 4 dogs - you can check out the ingredients on the Natural Defense website

And you can also check out Daisy on their website too! Yea!

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