Friday, June 4, 2010

Blast from the past

I was looking for a specific photo last night and I came across some photos that made me think that life has changed in 5 years - this series of photos was taken on February 27th, 2005
These photos were taken at the very first GPAC Doggy Expo - and this was Oreo - one of the best known bull terriers in the HRM - I actually wrote a post about that day - that's how long I've had this silly blog
And this is my friend Janet manning the Dog legislation of Canada booth - 5 years ago the DLCC was still in it's infancy, really - but we were all fighting strong to fight BSL
Janet modelling her rottweiller sweater - this is the only time I saw her wear this sweater, actually! Where did this sweater go - I think she should give it to me!
But then on the same day I piled the dogs into the car and drove all the way over to Conrad's Beach beach for a good run
It is really sad to say - but I don't know if Charlie will ever go to the beach again - his arthritis is currently that bad. I know I don't dare take him to Crystal Crescent where it's almost all rocks on the part of the beach we go to
And then here we had the 3 dogs wrestling like crazy - and Buttercup right in there - Buttercup used to hump Daisy like mad - that's how it was - Charlie and Daisy wrestling and Buttercup picking up the rear. Those were the days - and I can't believe that 5 years ago I thought she was old then.

February 27th was a very good day for the dogs at Conrad's - there was even a dead seal.

Back then I used to have rats too - this is Mrs Dingle - she seemed to have one tumour after the other while I had her - and here are a couple pictures I took of her on February 27th - she had just come home from the vet the previous day from having a tumour removed from her chest and armpit.
Mrs. Dingle was the best rat ever - she was like a cat she was so cuddly and soft. Rats can be such tragic pets.

This is one thing about taking literally 1000's of digital pictures - you can go in and look at them - and since they're organized by date - you really can remember what you did every day - if you're the type of person who takes pictures everyday - which in the past - was something I tended to do. I've gotten out of the habit a bit lately, but if you've got the external hard drive space - I highly recommend it. You've got nothing to lose but hard drive.


  1. Fight ya for the sweater :)

  2. OH HEAVENS - I have started a TURF war .... not giving it up .... that said if I can find that sweater .... LOL Joan on the blast from the past and posting that silly Oreo pic - thanks ...your blog has been more than information it has been inspiration and reconnection to the key focus - that of the human/canine bond...

  3. that is a great post--but someday you will look back at THESE days and they will become the good ol days...