Sunday, May 2, 2010

These are the kind of emails Jeff De La Rosa likes to send me


"on keeping your ignorant mouth shut. I'm guessing that you don't know what to write and are wavering between "the court is wrong" and "Fran will fail." You should write nothing. It may less convenient for me to sue you , but you've seen that it is not too hard for Fran to sue you which many of us are encouraging her to do. Do what's good for you and confine your posts to "So, this was neat...," other ludicrous nonsensical sentences beginning with "And" and other frivolous and brainless musings. That's your calling. Journalism is not."

It is absolutely killing some people that I'm not commenting on the outcome of Francesca Rogier's court case it seems - "Nobody important has even chimed in on an unrelated blog post to this blog saying -

"We missed you at court on Friday, Joan. Where were you?
And why haven't you reported on the important news about Brindi?"

If I write posts and show up in court - Francesca says I'm stalking and harassing her - and if I don't show up and don't write - they can't stand it. On every topic - you can't make that camp happy it seems. I'm happy to keep them unhappy.

And Jeff De La Rosa - I'm happy that he continues to be an idiot. And keeps sending us written documentation of such. Isn't he nice to do that?


  1. You seem to think that I'm surprised that you published that email. No. I wrote it with the specific intention that you would publish it. So, what's your point. I say "jump" and you jump. I speak my mind and you publish. Thank you.

    I don't think it's "killing" anyone that you've kept your ridiculously ignorant mouth shut. Just surprising, because the decision is a perfect opportunity for you to show how vicious and ignorant your "meditating" and "yoga" practice ass really is.

  2. Hahaha... That whole group is hilarious. What a bunch of whiny attention seeking fools.

  3. Jeff is one of the most boring people on this earth.

  4. Yeah. I'm so boring that I post a comment or send an email and you post them like your ass is on fire. Boring. I guess the alternative would be that you think I'm "exciting," which would make me puke. So, it's "neat" that you think I'm boring.

    I'll leave you now to your disastrous lonely and pathetic life. Enjoy.

  5. Jeff, sometimes it's better to be silent and thought to be a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

  6. The man comes across like a total fool,with to much time on his hands.

  7. The F woman has surrounded herself with some really heinous people. The kind of people who have horrible track records where animals (and probably life) are concerned.

    First there's this Jeff person. A loser of the highest order who also had a dog seized and seems to spend most of his time obsessing about Joan (if his recent posts on the Save Brindi Facebook page and his notes to her are any indication). He's to be pitied, for sure. Although he has good taste in obsessing over Joan! :-)

    Then there's Zonda MacIsaac. Dear, dear Zonda. Perhaps the most notorious animal abuser in the province. Convicted animal abuser, I might add. There she too is on Facebook, her and the F woman high-fiving each other and giving each other props for being "tough cookies." Is that what animal abusers call themselves these days? Dunno. I just think that the friends you keep are very, very telling ...

  8. Very telling indeed... as opposed to people using profile names like "Deport Her"! Those are the kind one wants for friends, right?

    Well, there are no posts from Jeff de la Rosa on Save Brindi, so that's a lie to start out with.

    And it seems to us that it's not the only lie.

    When you all sober up, and let go of being hateful bullies, maybe you'll be able to discern the benefit to YOU in all of this. Not going to hold our breath, but there's always hope.

  9. There are no words to describe how I feel about seeing Zonda post online. She's one of those people I'd hate to meet in a dark alley because I'm afraid of what I might do, given all the pain and suffering she's caused.

    To interact in a positive manner with this woman as Fran is doing is not only excusing the abuse she committed, but condoning it in my eyes. Something no true animal lover would ever do.

  10. You are right, KL - the fact that Zonda is posting on the 2nd "Free Brindi" facebook group - is amazing - but I love the fact that someone there noticed, and posted the link to the Petabuse website that has her case listed, and "outed" her - that was fabulous. I thought that was great. We'll see how long it is before the "truth seeker" admin people on the Free Brindi Facebook group delete that post - it's probably already gone as I type this.

  11. I almost threw up when I saw Zonda's comment on the Brindi decision!!! It's as if she almost cared about what happens to the poor dog that she herself almost destroyed. It's disgusting....

  12. Always amusing to see the mutual admiration society comments... knowing you don't post the ones that really tell the truth about you. No wonder you bash Zonda! Two convictions on neglect charges hardly make her the worst animal abuser in the province. That title should go to Gail Benoit, don't you think??? Guess not...

    Hate on, what you will.

  13. @nobody important - that you would want to define the worst animal abuser is sad and pathetic ... the justice system is not always JUST, BUT it seems that from your perspective that only applies to your championing of Fran. Guess a dead dog stuffed in a garbage bag, emaciated filth encrusted dogs, dogs that still suffer long term medical issues by the very lack of treatment or care makes Zonda's actions acceptable? Her neglect was well documented and filmed. That we don't have strong enough laws is no indication that her abusive mistreatment is tolerated by the public at large, or that they are more tolerable than the actions of Gail Benoit.

  14. KL said...

    Jeff, sometimes it's better to be silent and thought to be a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

    I keep trying to explain your cute little cliche to Joan but it doesn't sink in.

  15. "Nobody Important" - I think "Deport Her" is talking about the Free Brindi Facebook group in relation to Jeff, and not your Free Brindi blog - where he's saying things like - "No word from Joan Sinden...all choked up , I guess." and "THAT IS A WIN!...Screw you , Joan Sinden, Gail and the rest." and "Nothing they have to say matters any more. It never really did. I just hope Francesca and Brindi can have some peace and that those wretched witches leave them alone." and "They are scum who like to meddle in other people's lives and rejoice in the suffering of others. There's a place for them."

    and once again - Francesca is sticking up for animal abuser Zonda MacIsaac - I'm going to be writing a post about that, so I won't talk about that in this comment. You can wait for the blog post....

  16. Ooooooooooooooh....can't wait. It's really neat to print out your posts and then use them to pick up dog shit.

  17. Well, here we go again - time for more libel from Joan Sinden!!! Should be interesting. But really pretty poor taste, don't you think?
    One thing we do know: Zonda was not always having problems, and without her no-kill policy, Brindi would be dead. That is an incontrovertible fact. There's nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due. Brindi was also in excellent health even after two years at that shelter; she was messed up after only six months at the SPCA. Another undeniable fact.

    The way we see it, you don't have to recognize that Zonda took in dogs and cats that were in bad shape, and tried to heal them, running up thousands in vet bills. You don't have to try to understand how things can get out of control for somebody with good intentions, given enough outside pressure.
    But you cannot deny this truth: nobody is all bad, even you, Joan. So why not give somebody a break for at least trying to live up to the no-kill philosophy? You've bashed her plenty; bashing her again only makes you look like a mean-spirited woman. We all know your story by now and it's really sad that you just cannot let go of your bitterness and hatred.

    As somebody once said - dogs forgive, why can't we?

  18. "Zonda took in dogs and cats that were in bad shape, and tried to heal them"


    If she gave a rats ass about the animals in her "care", the SPCA never would have stepped in. The cats with broken legs would have been tended to by a vet. They wouldn't have been dehydrated. They wouldn't have ALL had upper respiratory infections. They wouldn't have been living in a sewage filled basement. There sure as hell wouldn't have been cats so matted with feces that they had to be shaved down. Jackie's eye never would have gotten to the point it had. There never would have been puppies left alone without food or water.

    If Zonda gave a damn about those animals she would have asked for help long before it got that bad. Those animals would have had fresh food and water, would not have been left alone for days on end, and never would have suffered the way they did. It was senseless, needless, and completely unforgivable.

    Many wonderful, loving, beautiful cats and dogs died thanks to that blatant neglect and outright cruelty. More than one were very dear to my heart- both cats and dogs.

    Fran, if you want to make excuses for Zonda and support her, then you condone what she did, and you're just as bad as she is.

  19. You have got to be kidding me, Nobody Important. When did a "no kill" policy include "let's abuse them til they die" policy. I suppose the folks up at the Toronto Humane Society also felt that way too - and see what happened to them as well. Charged with animal cruelty. hhmmm. You have been an apologist for her from the beginning, so this is nothing new - I've already written 2 posts about this already, so it's nothing I haven't already said. I'm just repeating myself - you guys are just dying for me to write about you, aren't you. You just can't wait, I've got the post written, but I don't feel like publisging it tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I don't know. I don't think that the topic of you all is something my blog readers really want to read anymore, anyway. They want to read about positive dog topics - not old tired stuff. If they want that they can go click on one of your blogs and see that you don't even care enough to write blogs about it yourself - so why should I blog about it? I've got tons of other stuff to write about that interests me a whole lot more than the story of an American woman who can't keep her dog on a leash. And the crazy American man who can't keep his mouth shut.

    Go back to your own blogs and write your own content.

  20. The only "old tired stuff" around here is the callous, self-absorbed person who writes this blog.
    Brindi is still not home where she belongs. The law is still not corrected. There are two other dogs being held long-term in the pound - just as illegally as Brindi was.

    But that's too difficult for you and your superficial buddies to handle; you just want happy thoughts, pictures of doggies and dandelions... very impressive.
    That's fine. You can leave the hard stuff to us, Joan. We get things done.

  21. "Nobody Important" - I think you need to take a look at yourself - self absorbed? Give me a break. I don't think there's a more self absorbed person on the planet than you. If you want to see your story covered - go write some posts on your own blogs - you haven't written anything about the outcome of your trial on your stupid blogs - why should I write anything on my blog about you? You haven't written anything on the Truth is stranger than fiction blog since April 19th for fuck's sake. Go write something there if you want something on the internet about Brindi. This is MY blog in case you've forgotten. And "get stuff done" - what have you gotten done. All you've gotten done is lost your dog for the last 2 years to a cage. And that's the truth, can you dig it?

    I think you should spend your time writing on your own blogs instead of typing out comments on this blog that will only get published when I think they are foolish enough that I think the public should see them - like this comment - which is about 1 in 15 comments - that's right people - "nobody important" sends comments to my blog like crazy - and I never publish them. Now THAT'S a good use of time. THAT'S getting things done.

    I have had this blog, "Nobody Important" since 2004 - that's a hell of a lot longer than you've been around - and this blog will be around a lot longer than you are going to be around here, and I'll write all the posts I want to about dandelions that I want, thank you very much - because this blog is purely for my own vanity. ALL BLOGS are just about that - including your blogs - so go spend time on your own blogs - and stop trolling here - because that is what you and Jeff De La Rosa are TROLLS. And I do not feel like feeding you.

    And by the bye - I'm leaving this comment at 11:30am on a Thursday - do you think I'm at work today? Am I doing this on government time? I wonder where I am today. That's for me to know, isn't it. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Wouldn't you love to know.

  22. Isn't it neat how you lie to your readers?

    Who cares how long you've had your blog?
    One minute you proclaim yourself to be telling the truth, and being a crusader for dogs; the next, you delight in saying that your blog is all about vanity. At least you're right half the time.

    But honestly, you should know better and stop commenting as though you know who is posting under this name. LOL it's very amusing. But stupid.

  23. PS
    We hit a nerve about your job, didn't we? HEE HEE
    Guess again who we are... !

  24. My God you're pathetic, "Nobody Important" - I don't care who you are - and this is the last comment I'm going to publish from you - so you can stop sending through your multiple comments - go publish on your own blogs now. God knows you've got the time - whoever you are - you've obviously got too much time on your hands. I really just feel sorry for you if you want to know the truth. You're sad, small and pathetic - the way you seek the limelight - yet won't reveal who you really are. Like as if anyone would care anyway - you act as if you've got some secret people actually want to know - well guess what - people have lost interest - and as each day goes by, their interest gets less and less. Everybody now knows that Brindi is safe - and all your machinations now truly are the only thing that are keeping Brindi in a cage - any day she spends in a cage REALLY ARE the thing that are keeping her in a cage now. And everyone knows it. EVERYTHING from here on in - truly is your fault, Francesca. And everyone will truly know it now. How would you like me to make a post about that? Maybe as time goes on, making that post will become necessary. I don't imagine a post like that will show up on Free Brindi, will it?

    You all - if there are really more than one person who posts as "Nobody Important" are a piece of work. And guess what - you all really are - Nobody important - you chose your handle well.

    As I said before - good bye - and good luck. You'll need it.

  25. And you still fail to understand what a judge said and did... LOL

  26. Sounds like you can't stop paying attention, can you, Joan?
    And sounds like you really miss when Francesca blogs... can't stand it that she won, can you? You're the one who will never recover.

    PS you'll be hearing from your boss any day now.

  27. Gail, you are right there! Brindi isn't back until the conditions are met. And the judge made a thorough job of it! There can’t be any ‘muzzle order was only given because a neighbor asked for it & didn’t know if it applied on my property.’ It’s a legal judgment: if Brindi is not in the house or the enclosure, the muzzle must be on. And I think Ms Multiple Personality (or is nobody important using the Royal "We") should be finding out who will inspect the famous fence & make sure it's A-OK. No more endless ‘it wouldn’t keep in a dog that size—would too, would too!' Someone from HRM will inspect it and decide. For that matter, nailing down a contractor is urgent in May unless 'they' all want to be without water next winter too. (No, of course wrapping the pipes isn't enough.) Short building season in NS & good contractors are very scarce. We're lucky--ours retired but found us another--a great guy he has worked with--& who is doing work right now (alas very extensive) that's needed under the cottage due to foundation posts sinking in lakeside soil. Glad I'm not there; all bedroom floors are out! We'll invite you all over to see the result this summer. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person, Joan!

    Joan--the last putrid posts leave me astonished. That anyone would mess with another person's job--even TALK or think about it--is beyond my ken. Especially when that person doesn't have a job & is safe from retaliation. That's real cowardice--big time. Hit where you can't be hit back. I'm hoping you'll let nobody important (she's right there!)comment away & delete that garbage. Don't post any of it. She can either shape up, follow the (judge's) rules this time around and dig herself out of this hole or continue to qvetch and whine about the conditions imposed until the judge revokes her very fair judgment--but NOT to return the dog. Sometimes it pays to just let bad enough alone. There's nothing that can't get worse.